We take pride in rewarding achievement. Our scholarship program provides financial assistance to students, encouraging them to further their studies and excel academically.

In 2018, the AGMC is offering four scholarships, valued at $2000 each*.


Scholarships are available to graduates of an AGMC graduate certificate who have continued their studies into the Graduate Diploma of Management (Professional Practice) in Session 2, 2017 and onwards.

Scholarships are competitive and will be assessed on:

  • academic record in the Graduate Certificate in Management (Professional Practice)
  • commitment to the AGMC program through active participation in the Graduate Certificate in Management (Professional Practice) study sessions (please provide a statement of support from your site coordinator).

How to apply

Applications are open until COB Monday 26 February 2018.

Email the following to agmc@csu.edu.au;

  • cover letter
  • academic transcript
  • statement of support from your site coordinator
  • 300-word statement describing your AGMC experience and detailing how your AGMC study has improved your professional life.

Send your email with the subject title 'AGMC Scholarship – [your name].'

Successful applicants will be advised by Thursday 29 March 2018.

*Scholarships are awarded as a one-off lump sum payment.

AGMC scholarship recipients

Marco Arsic

"Winning the AGMC Scholarship in 2016, apart from assisting with the tuition fees, has given me the additional motivation and incentive to continue putting in the same effort and strive towards the highest academic achievements possible for the remainder of my studies."

Marco Arsic, AGMC Student

Marion Fitzpatrick

"I view my current postgraduate studies as a further progression in my personal and professional career path. With an endless thirst for knowledge and aspirations to excel in my academic studies and my career, this scholarship will help me to further my journey through to completing my Graduate Diploma studies and progression into the Master of Management."

Marion Fitzpatrick, AGMC Student

Fiona Skaines

"Receiving an AGMC Scholarship has incentivised me further to grow professionally and continue my management studies. Studying with the AGMC I have achieved more than I thought possible, challenging myself beyond limitations that were often self-imposed. I now have the belief that you can achieve anything if you give yourself a start."

Fiona Skaines, AGMC Student