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Research Area leader:

Adjunct Professor Ken Russell

Adjunct Professor Ken Russell

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Applied Mathematics and Statistics research incorporates the extensive research undertaken by CSU's mathematicians and statisticians. Members of this research area are involved in a broad cross-section of research as mathematics and statistics are fundamental components of quantitative research.

Members of the group often work collaboratively across a range of disciplines and faculties. This collaboration has strengthened the research output of all its members. Collaborative research provides mutual support and encourages synergistic interaction that leads to higher-quality output.

The group aims to solve theoretical and applied problems of a quantitative nature by developing the theory and methods needed to obtain practical solutions. Where possible, this supports the University's aim for research to be based around the issues of our region.

The members of the group will target the following five key research areas:

  • Mathematical modelling and numerical solutions, including hydrology, evapotranspiration, and sparse linear systems;
  • Data analysis and statistical signal processing for gravitational wave detection;
  • Integrable systems;
  • Design and analysis of experiments in agriculture, public health and science; and 
  • Small area modelling.

Each of these research areas makes use of the group's special expertise in planning the optimal collection of data and developing mathematical and statistical models to explain the behaviour of the data.

The mathematical and statistical skills of the researchers make an increasingly important contribution to research either in joint applied work or in theoretical contributions to knowledge. The members of this research area add significant rigour to the research that they participate in.



Philip Charlton

Senior Lecturer (Research Area Lead)


Dmitry Demskoy



Michael Kemp



Zhenquan ('Jan') Li Senior Lecturer Albury

Sharon Nielsen



Azizur Rahman



Ken Russell

Adjunct Professor


Robert Wood




Current Students

Student Award Topic Supervisor
Paul Kew Hons Evaluation of Krylov subspace methods to solve large sparse matrix systems. Dr Michael Kemp 6365 7840

PhD/DBA Topics

Dr Philip Charlton
02 6933 4104
  • A virtual laboratory for gravitational wave data analysis
Dr Dmitry Demskoy
02 6933 2704
  • Methods of constructing exact solutions of non-linear equations
  • Classification of non-linear integrable systems
  • Integrable difference equations
  • Applications of computer algebra to integrable systems

Dr Zhenquan Li
02 6051 9604

  • Modelling shallow fluid dynamics and their numerical simulations
  • Implementation of a mesh refinement method and its applications in fluid flows
Dr Azizur Rahman
02 6933 4744
  • Modelling childhood vulnerability of Australian children using AEDI data
  • Maternal and child health of indigenous population in Australia
  • Interaction of housing and spatial factors to population health outcomes
  • Health related behaviours estimates and multilevel modelling
  • Bayesian re-weighting technique for microdata generation and mircrosimulation modelling


Supervisors Topics

Dr Michael Kemp
02 6365 7840
Discipline: Computing and Mathematics

  • Krylov Subspace methods for linear ODE systems
  • Multiple input multiple output systems with Krylov subspace receivers
Dr Zhenquan (Jan) Li
02 6051 9604
Discipline: Computing and Mathematics
  • Design and implementation in C of the package importing mesh into CFX-Pre
  • Numerical simulation of two-dimensional lid driven cavity flows in Matlab
  • Numerical simulation of two-dimensional backward-facing step flows in Matlab