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Dr Nicholas PAWSEY

Dr Nicholas PAWSEY

Dr Nicholas Pawsey is a Senior Lecturer in Accounting. Dr Pawsey joined Charles Sturt University, Albury campus in 2016. He has extensive academic experience having previously held the positions of Academic Coordinator for the La Trobe Business School, Wodonga campus, and Lecturer in Accounting at Charles Sturt University, Bathurst.

Dr Pawsey's research interests include international accounting convergence, water policy and management, public sector accounting, and accounting education and he has published a number of journal articles, book chapters and conference papers in relation to these topics. Dr Pawsey has also been invited to prepare research reports for industry bodies including the Australian Accounting Standards Board (AASB) and Essential Services Commission (ESC), Victoria.

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  • International accounting convergence
  • Water policy and management
  • Public sector accounting
  • Accounting education

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  • ACC100 Accounting 1
  • ACC311 Strategic and Sustainable Accounting


  • ACC585 Financial Statement Analysis and Valuation
  • MBA504 Accounting and Financial Management

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 Reviewer for journals including Accounting Education: an International Journal; Economic Papers; Water Resources Research; and Asian Review of Accounting.

Member of Wodonga Chamber of Commerce Leadership Team (2015-present).

Teaching Awards:

  • 2015, College of Arts, Social Sciences and Commerce, Pro Vice Chancellor, Team Teaching Award, La Trobe University (with Dr Sarah Yang-Spencer).
  • 2007, Team Excellence in Teaching Award, Faculty of Business, Charles Sturt University.

Recent Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Projects:

  • Keller, S., Inglas, S., Pawsey, N. & Laing, J. Promoting Internationalisation and Cross-Cultural Competency through Online Collaboration, Funding Source: La Trobe Learning and Teaching
  • Yang-Spencer, S., Pawsey, N. & Louie, J. Improving students' learning experience in ADD2CAD, Funding Source: Faculty of Business, Economics and Law, Blended Learning Flagship Grant, La Trobe University
  • Pawsey, N., Mangion, D. & McPhail, K. Development of Flexible Learning Resources and the Promotion of Active Learning in Third Year Accounting Subjects, Funding Source: Faculty of Business, Economics and Law, Blended Learning Flagship Grant, La Trobe University

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Book Chapters

  • Crase, L., Pawsey, N. & Cooper, B. (2015). Water Pricing in Australia: Unbundled politics, accounting and water pricing, in Dinar, A. Pochat, V. & Albiac, J. (eds). Water Pricing Experiences and Innovations. Springer Publications.
  • Cooper, B., Crase, L. & Pawsey, N. (2014). Water Tariffs and Farmer Adaptation: The Case of Goulburn-Murray Water in Victoria, Australia, in J. P. Palutikof, S. L. Boulter, J. Barnett and D. Rissik (eds). Applied Studies in Climate Adaptation, John Wiley & Sons, Chichester, UK.

Journal Articles

  • Pawsey, N., Ananda, J. & Hoque, Z. (Forthcoming). Rationality, accounting and benchmarking water businesses: An analysis of measurement challenges. International Journal of Public Sector Management.
  • Pawsey, N. (2017). IFRS Adoption: A Costly Change that Keeps on Costing. Accounting Forum. 41(2), Pp. 116-131.
  • Habib, B., Miles, R.H. & Pawsey, N. (2016). Online learning and the infinite replicability of digitised knowledge. Fusion, Issue 8.
  • Cooper, B., Crase, L. & Pawsey, N. (2014). Best practice pricing principles and the politics of water pricing, Agricultural Water Management, 145, pp. 92-97.
  • Crase, L., Pawsey, N. & Cooper, B. (2014). The Closure of Melbourne's North-South Pipeline: A Case of Hydraulic Autarky. Economic Papers, 33(2), pp. 115-122.
  • Pawsey, N., Brown, A. & Chaterjee, B. (2013). The Potential Adoption of IFRS for U.S. Issuers: A Textual Analysis of Responses to the Proposal. Asian Journal of Business & Accounting, 6(1), pp. 59-93.
  • Pawsey, N. & Crase, L. (2013). The Mystique of Water Pricing and Accounting. Economic Papers, 32(3), pp. 328-339.
  • Crase, L., Pawsey, N. & O'Keefe, S. (2013). A note on contradictions in Australian Water Policy, Economic Papers, 32(3), pp. 353-359.

Conference Papers

  • Cooper, B., Crase, L. & Pawsey, N. (2012). Best practice pricing principles vs. the politics of gifting irrigation assets, abstract accepted for presentation at 4th International Conference Sustainable Irrigation and Drainage: Management, Technologies and Policies 11-13th December 2012, Adelaide.
  • Pawsey, N., Brown, A. & Chatterjee, B. (2011). The Potential Adoption of IFRS for US Issuers: A Textual Analysis of Responses to the Proposal, refereed conference paper, 22nd Asia Pacific Accounting Conference, Beijing, October 16-19.
  • Pawsey, N. (2010). Australian Preparer Perceptions Towards the Quality and Complexity of IFRS, APIRA Conference, Sydney, 11-13 July.
  • Plummer, K., Baines, W., Davis, N., Fitzmaurice, K., Muntean, D. & Pawsey, N. (2010). Reflection, revision and feedback can enhance accounting students' learning, AFAANZ Annual Conference, Christchurch, New Zealand, 4-6 July.
  • Pawsey, N. (2008), The Quality of IFRS: Australian Preparers' Perspectives, refereed conference paper, 9th International Business Research Conference, 24-26th November, Melbourne, VIC.
  • Pawsey, N (2008), IFRS Adoption: Costs and Benefits for Large, Listed Australian Companies, refereed conference paper, Global Accounting and Organisational Change Conference, 9-11 July, Melbourne, VIC.
  • Muldoon, N, Pawsey, N & Palm, C (2007), An investigation into the use of a blended model of learning, refereed conference paper, AFAANZ annual conference, 3rd July, Gold Coast, QLD.

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