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Dr Patrick Walsh

Dr Patrick Walsh

BA(Qld), MSocSc(Qld), PhD


Dr. Walsh is a Senior Lecturer, Intelligence and Security Studies. He is responsible for the course coordination of the Graduate Certificate/Diploma/MA (Intelligence Analysis) at the AGSPS, and has academic oversight for all other short intelligence courses offered by the School. Dr. Walsh teaches JST493 National Security and Intelligence Issues and his research interests range across intelligence reform and bio-security. He is also consulted widely by federal and state agencies on intelligence reform/capability and bio-security issues.

Dr. Walsh has over ten years experience teaching across a range of intelligence analytical subject areas. These include but are not limited to:
Strategic intelligence
Comparative national security intelligence issues
Intelligence and policy
Policing intelligence.

Dr. Walsh has also taught widely across Australia and internationally in the USA, New Zealand, India and the Asia Pacific. In addition to leading major reviews of CSU's intelligence program, he has developed a lot of experience in designing curricula relevant to intelligence agencies with specific learning requirements.

Previous employment

Senior Lecturer, Intelligence and Security Studies
Charles Sturt University
Manly NSW

Lecturer, Criminal Intelligence
Charles Sturt University
Manly NSW
2003 to 2006

Senior Strategic Analyst
Australian Crime Commission
Sydney NSW
2001 to 2003

Senior Strategic Analyst
National Crime Agency
Sydney NSW
2001 to 2002

Transnational Security and Asia Pacific Analyst
Office of National Assessments
1999 to 2001

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Course Co-ordinator:

Subject Co-ordinator :

  • JST493 National Security & Intelligence Issues
  • JST495 Intelligence Analytics

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Dr Walsh's research interests span across a range of intelligence reform issues in national security and law enforcement intelligence contexts.  He also does research in emerging intelligence areas and biosecurity, including biocrime and bioterrorism.  Other research interests include:

  • intelligence theory and practice
  • terrorism
  • transnational crime

 Research Grants received

  • P. Walsh (2014) (Chief Investigator–CSU Faculty Large Compact Grant),  Understanding the Role of Intelligence in Post 9/11 Biosecurity Threats: Looking Across the Five Eyes ($25,972.40).
  • V. Herrington and P. Walsh (2006) (Associate Investigator-CSU Small Grant), Where the Bloody Hell Are We? The National Intelligence Analysis Survey-Charting Developments and Directions in Intelligence Analysis in Australia ($7000).

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Honours and Awards

  • National Crime Authority Chairman's Commendation Certificate
    September 2002

      High commendation awarded by head of NCA (the Chairman) for key role in developing the NCA's framework for intelligence collection requirements and helping to manage their adaptation and use in the newly established Australian Crime Commission.

  • The Australian Institute of Professional Intelligence Officers (AIPIO) Certificate of Merit
    July 2012

      Awarded by the Institute for distinguish contribution to the intelligence profession.

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Committees and Associations

Academic committees

Faculty of Arts and Education Ethics Committee Member (2013 - present)
Faculty of Arts and Education Board Committee Member (2007 - present)
Faculty of Arts and Education Research and Graduate Studies Committee Member (2007 - present)
AGSPS Research Development Committee Chair (2010 - present)
AGSPS School Board Member (2012 - present)

Professional committees

The Australian Institute of Professional Intelligence Officers (AIPIO)
Vice President (Admin) (2007-2010
Board Member (2007-2012)

The International Association for Intelligence Educators (IAFFIE)
General Member (2010-present)

The International Studies Association
General Member (2007-present)

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Walsh, P.F. Intelligence, Biosecurity and Bioterrorism (in-progress).
Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan

Walsh, P. F. (2011). Intelligence and intelligence analysis.
Abingdon: Routledge.
Book chapters

Miller, S & Walsh, P.F. (2015). The NSA Leaks, Edward Snowden and the Ethics and Accountability of Intelligence Collection. In J. Gaillot (Ed.), Ethics and the Future of Spying: Technology, Intelligence Collection and National Security (in-press). Abingdon: Routledge.

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Refereed journals

Walsh, P.F. (2015). Building better intelligence through effective governance. International Journal of Intelligence and CounterIntelligence, 28(1), 123-142.

Walsh, P.F. (2014). Improving Early Warning On Biosecurity Threats, Journal of Intelligence Analysis (in-press August). 

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Refereed conference publications

Walsh, P.F. (2015). Managing Emerging Health Security Threats Since 9/11: The Role of Intelligence. Paper presented at ISA 56th Annual Convention. New Orleans, USA (18-21 February 2015).

Walsh, P.F. & Miller, S. (2015b). Rethinking Security Intelligence Collection Policies and Practice Post 9/11 Post Snowden. Paper presented at ISA 56th Annual Convention. New Orleans, USA (18-21 February 2015). 

Walsh, P. F. (2013a). Applying qualitative social research designs and methodologies to improve the rigour of strategic intelligence analytical practice. Paper presented at Panel Intelligence Analysis, the Social Sciences and History: Understanding and Explaining International Actors and Outcomes–San Francisco (2 April 2013).             

Walsh, P. F. (2013b). Building better intelligence frameworks through effective governance. Paper presented at the International Studies Association Annual Conference– San Francisco (4 April 2013).

Other publications

Parliamentary submissions

Walsh, P. F. (2012).  Submission and testimony to Inquiry into the use of criminal intelligence, by Joint Parliamentary on Law Enforcement, Australian Parliament, Canberra. Retrieved from

Conference papers

Walsh, P.F. (2010a).  A comparative overview of key trends in national security and policing intelligence education in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK and US. Paper presented at the conference, Education for Uncertainty: Preparing for the Next National Security Crisis–Melbourne  (November).

Walsh, P.F. (2010b). Intelligence and intelligence analysis: Fusion or fragmentation? Paper presented at the Centre for Excellence in Policing and Security–Brisbane (Griffith University) (21 September).

Walsh, P.F. (2007a). Knowledge from evaluating intelligence. Paper presented at the 16th Annual Conference for the Australian Institute for Professional Intelligence Officers (AIPIO)–Hobart. (16-18th October).

Walsh, P.F. (2007b). Grading the report card on law enforcement intelligence and its impact on justice. Paper presented at the Justice Policy and Practice Research Conference.–Perth (22 November).

Walsh, P.F. (2006). The future of intelligence: Managing the managers. Paper presented at the 15th Annual Conference for the Australian Institute for Professional Intelligence Officers (AIPIO)–Brisbane (17-19th October).


Walsh, P.F (2014a). Television interview with Fran Kelly (ABC RN Breakfast) Foreign Fighter's Bill. (24 October).

Walsh, P.F. (2014b). Radio interview with Patrick Condren (4BC News Talk) Foreign Fighter's Bill.  (28 October).

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