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Dr Susan Robinson

Dr Susan Robinson


Dr Susan Robinson is a criminologist, lecturer and researcher with the Charles Sturt University, Australian Graduate School of Policing and Security based in Canberra. She has extensive experience working as a practitioner and manager in the public service in South Australia, the Australian Capital Territory and the United Kingdom in the areas of child protection, juvenile justice and adult corrections. She holds a PhD in sociology (criminology) from Flinders University in South Australia and an Honors Degree in Social Work. She is a current member of the NSW Corrective Service Industries Consultative Council and the Faculty of Arts and Education Human Research Ethics Committee. Sue's research interests include: Women in Policing; Female Offenders; Juvenile Offenders; Investigating Crimes Against Children; Child Protection, Correctional Services; Police Leadership and Custody. She currently teaches in JST301 Applying Criminology to Crime Reduction in the Bachelor of Policing program.

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  • Bachelor Policing & Bachelor of Policing (Investigations)
  • Supervision of Research Higher degrees.

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  • Currently conducting research in the area of women in policing.

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Journal Articles

  • Robinson, S. ((2015). Rethinking recruitment in policing in Australia: Can the continued use of masculinised recruitment tests and pass standards that limit the number of women be justified? Salus Journal, 3(2), 34 -56.
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Conference Papers

  • Robinson S. & Arentsen V. (2011). A pilot study of women in the New South Wales Police Force 1979 to 2008: Have thirty years really made any difference? Paper presented at the 7th Australasian Women in Policing Conference, Police and Community: Making it Happen , 21-24 August 2011, Hobart, Australia
  • Robinson, S. (1999). An evaluation of critical incident debriefing in South Australian Department for Correctional Services. paper presented at the Australasian Critical Incident and Trauma Management Conference, Adelaide South Australia
  • Robinson, S. (1997). Unintentional non-enforcement and female offenders of child sexual abuse. Paper presented at the 9th International Symposium of Victimology. Amsterdam, 26 July-2 August
  • Robinson, S.(1997). Occupational violence:  An evaluation of post trauma support following a riot at Yatala Labour Prison in South Australia, Paper presented at the 9th International Symposium of Victimology Amsterdam, 26 July-2 August


  • Robinson, S. (2004). Unintentional non-enforcement and the processing of alleged female offenders of child sexual abuse in the South Australian Criminal Justice System. PhD Thesis, unpublished. Flinders University of South Australia.
  • Robinson, S. (1993). A study of the nature and probable extent of youth homelessness in Whyalla, South Australia. Honours Thesis. University of South Australia.

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