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Why Study Psychology

Psychology as a field of study has a strong appeal to many students. The subject matter of psychology is each of us and all of us. In this respect, psychology's insights about human nature are both interesting and relevant to our everyday lives. As health professionals, psychologists use the discipline's knowledge to enhance human well-being. As scientists, psychologists undertake fascinating research into every imaginable aspect of human behaviour.

At CSU we are proud of our psychology courses, our psychology staff and our students. Take advantage of the information offered on this site to learn more about psychology at CSU. For further information, don't hesitate to use the follow-up links and contact persons. Whether you study psychology to advance your own knowledge or as a potential career path, our subjects and courses may be just what you are looking for. Many of our students find that study by distance education offers them the flexibility they need while managing other commitments. Students who study internally enjoy relatively small classes on our campuses at major regional cities.

Good luck and good psychology!