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Associate Professor Alison Gerard

Associate Professor Alison Gerard


Alison Gerard is the Associate Professor in Law at Charles Sturt University. Alison's research focuses on social justice issues and has been included in international journals such as the British Journal of Criminology, Journal of Refugee Studies, and Criminology and Criminal Justice. Her latest book, The Securitization of Migration and Refugee Women provides a humanized account of restrictions on mobility and the tensions between refugee protection and border control. The book draws on the experiences of Somali refugee women who arrive in the Southern European Union Member State of Malta, and analyses their exposure to criminal justice practices of deterrence, punishment, and risk reduction. Alison's current research projects focus on the criminalization of asylum seekers in Hong Kong, and, the over-representation of young people in out-of-home care in the criminal justice system. Her fifth book, an edited international collection entitled Entrapping Asylum Seekers, will be published by Palgrave MacMillan in 2017.

Alison's legal experience spans criminal law, corporate law, class actions, public international law and legal research. Alison graduated with a Bachelor of Laws (First Class Honours) from the University of Technology, Sydney and worked at Mallesons Stephen Jaques. Alison worked on medical negligence class actions at Maurice Blackburn Cashman before moving to Melbourne to complete a Bachelor of Arts (First Class Hons) (Criminal Justice and Criminology) at Monash University. Alison was a Legal Research Officer for Judges of the County Court of Victoria and a criminal and community lawyer at Victoria Legal Aid. Alison completed her Masters in International Humanitarian Action with the Institute for International Law of Peace and Armed Conflict at Bochum University, Germany and the University College in Dublin, Ireland.

Alison was awarded her PhD from Monash University and received Monash University's PhD prize for Political and Social Inquiry (Criminology) and the Mollie Holman Doctoral Award for extraordinary academic achievement that is awarded to PhD students who are judged to have presented the best doctoral theses of the year.

Alison has consulted to conflict transformation NGOs in Myanmar (Burma) and Cambodia as a researcher and international lawyer and continues to support the Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies based in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Alison is a contributor to the Border Observatory Project hosted by Monash University, Australia and Border Criminologies hosted by Oxford University, UK.

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  • The securitisation of migration and refugee women
  • Criminalisation of young people in out-of-home care
  • Asylum seeking in Hong Kong
  • Prisons, privatization and the prison-industrial complex
  • Sex work, labour and mobility
  • Feminist legal theory and intersectionality
  • Gender and punishment
  • Conflict transformation

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Tasia Power: 'The Securitisation of Migration and Humanitarian Aid'.

Tracey Kerr: 'State Crime and the Right to Health in Australia's Offshore Detention Regime.'

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Refereed Journal Articles

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Book Chapters

  • Gerard, A., & Kerr, T. (2016), 'Gendered and Racialised Violence in Australia's Offshore Detention Centres: Interrogating Official Accounts' in Fitzgibbon, K & Walklate, S (eds) Murder, Gender and Responsibility
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Conference Presentations

  • Gerard, A., Colvin, E., McFarlane, K., McGrath, A., (2016) 'Arresting Criminalisation: Perceptions of the over-representation of young people in OOHC in the criminal justice system in NSW' at British Society of Criminology Conference, Nottingham, UK, 8 July 2016.
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  • Gerard, A., and Carlton, B (2013) 'Locating Institutional Violence: Investigating Official Accounts of Deaths in Custody in Regional Correctional Facilities' at The Australian and New Zealand Society of Criminology Conference, Brisbane, 1-3 October 2013.
  • Ham, J. & Gerard, A. (2012) 'Strategic In/visibility: Reflections on research, practice, and experiential contradictions around in/visibility, safety and agency of sex workers' in Changing the Way We Think about Change: Shifting Boundaries, Changing Lives, The Australian and New Zealand Critical Criminology Conference, Hobart, 12-13 July 2012.

Government Reports

  • Pickering, S., Maher, J., Gerard, A. (2009) 'Working in Victorian Brothels' Consumer Affairs Victoria, Melbourne.

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