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Abby Mackenzie - Bachelor of Criminal Justice

"I chose criminal justice because it involves such a wide range of subjects that can lead to numerous career paths. My ultimate career goal is to work within the justice system to improve the lives of families and children who have been affected by issues such as domestic violence and child abuse.

The flexibility of uni is amazing. I’m able to work part-time hours during the week while still having time to attend class and then study at night. All the learning content is also online, which makes it easy to catch up if you have to miss a class.

I really enjoy the general atmosphere at uni; it’s a focused, positive and social environment where learning is made enjoyable.

As an introverted person, it was initially daunting starting uni and meeting new people. O-Week and group activities quickly help you make friends and settle in. I was worried about not having enough time to work and study, but it is definitely achievable.

I have really enjoyed some of the justice subjects within the course. The learning is relevant, it relates directly to the justice system in Australia and all the lecturers have different ideas and personal experience they are happy to impart.

Charles Sturt University is known for high employment rates after study and I love how experienced and knowledgeable the lecturers are. For me, I also love the small but social campus environment and easy access to support and facilities."

Erin Rhiannon Elizabeth Emmerton - Bachelor of Criminal Justice

"Criminal justice is a wide area of study, meaning there are a variety of specialisations and career options available. This degree gives you a plethora of criminal justice related careers to pursue. The subjects included within the Bachelor of Criminal Justice are well balanced between theoretical knowledge and practical skills in both historical and contemporary contexts.

I have always wanted my job to involve working with others. Having an interest in the law and seeking a diverse career, I decided to study criminal justice with the goal of joining the police force.

This year I was a participant in the 36th Cambridge International Symposium on Economic Crime held at the University of Cambridge, UK. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity that would not have presented itself had I not been attending Charles Sturt University (CSU) or studying the Bachelor of Criminal Justice.

I have always been able to overcome challenges and doubts with the help of CSU support staff, my lecturers and my peers. My lecturers have always been encouraging and willing to go above and beyond to assist in my understanding. CSU is a very inclusive space and I have forged lifelong friendships here.

CSU academics are highly experienced practitioners in their fields of teaching meaning the quality of vicarious learning at CSU is second to none. CSU provides flexible learning and offers a combination of online and in-class subjects that I found suited my lifestyle better than other university structures."

Sonia Natalie Allen-Chiciak - Bachelor of Criminal Justice

"When I first started to research which university would be best suited for my career path, I decided to apply for a Bachelor of Criminal Justice at Charles Sturt University (CSU) as they partner with the NSW Police Force.

When I received my letter of offer from CSU I was filled with excitement about the new opportunities that were about to occur. I still had some concerns about online learning, however I had the most amazing support from my subject coordinators in all aspects throughout my studies. Throughout my degree my wonderful subject coordinators have armed me with the knowledge that will equip me throughout the rest of my career."

Lauren Jeffreys - Bachelor of Criminal Justice

"I have learnt an exceptional amount and will never forget my experiences of learning how to reference in APA style, improve my writing skills, broadening my knowledge within the justice system and participating in an exchange program in Samoa. Samoa was my ultimate learning curve. I was able to donate my time and work within their justice system, hospitals and schools. For anyone who has the opportunity to travel with Charles Sturt University (CSU), I encourage you to take that opportunity. I still to this day communicate with my Samoan family and other students which I met on that trip.

I’d like to thank CSU for being very supportive along my journey and allowing me to grow. Orientation, open days and student work placement were extremely conducive to me. They taught me valuable lessons and enabled me to create a goal and achieve that with CSU."

Sean Hillier - Bachelor of Criminal Justice

"I’ve always been passionate about making a positive difference in the world around me. Criminal justice has been a passion that has grown exponentially since beginning this degree.

Studying full-time while working full-time has certainly been a challenge, however I’ve learned that if you truly want something, you’ll always find a way to make it happen.

I’d have to say my favourite part about the criminal justice degree so far has been learning more about criminal law in Australia and NSW and learning exactly how laws can hold us accountable in practice. It’s always interesting to know your rights and limits.

Charles Sturt University’s (CSU’s) Port Macquarie campus opened when I finished high school, which meant that I didn’t have to make the costly trip to another city to study. CSU’s Bachelor of Criminal Justice is also well tied into the NSW Police Force and their recruitment, making it the most logical choice for anyone pursuing a career in policing."