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E-Health Research Group

Research Area Leader

M. Paul

A/Prof. Manoranjan Paul

Leader: A/Prof. Manoranjan Paul, email:

Data Science Research Unit, Charles Sturt University

E-health is one of the themes within the Data Science Research Unit at CSU. It brings modern IT developments to health practice.

Due to geographical distance from capital cities a major portion of regional people cannot access high quality health services, like those in major cities. The aim of the group is to tackle issues related to E-health through computational intelligence, data analysis, and machine vision research.

In the digital era, with easier electronic communications it is possible to provide world class health services to more remote people through: analysis of causal factors; development of remote health management system; and the collection  and analysis of health related data.

The E-health research group in Data Science Research Unit works in collaboration with health service professionals, local bodies and government agencies to conduct research across a number of research themes:   remote health services for elderly health; indigenous health;  mental health;  healthier food processing;  and health data transmission and storage.

This multidisciplinary research group comprises researchers in:  computational intelligence, computer/machine vision, data compression and transmission, health informatics, health management, information systems, etc.

The main goals of the research group are:

  1. Goals
    • Build health technologies
    • Generate health awareness
    • Train researchers
    • Engage industry and External Research groups
  2. E-Health Themes in Data Science Research Unit:
    • Prediction of health problemsBlood Pressure Monitor
    • Ageing
    • Mental Health
    • Remote Health Monitoring
    • Medical Imaging
  3. Funding bodies:
    • Australian Commonwealth Department of Health and Aging
    • Australian Capital Territory – Land Development Agency

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