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The Faculty of Business, Justice and Behavioural Sciences has developed a new and exciting support model for students wishing to pursue an honours degree.  The honours degree is an additional end-on 4th year to your undergraduate degree.  The degree focuses upon developing research skills and producing an honour thesis on a research topic. Admission is open to full-time and part-time students and is available to those who have previously studied at Charles Sturt University and achieved at least a credit average or who have attained a similar qualification and standing from another University.

Information about Courses

Information about our courses in Business (covering Accounting, Economics/Finance, Management and Marketing) can be found at:

Information about our courses in Information Technology and Computer Science can be found at:

Research Topics

The staff of the Faculty have developed a series of research topics from which students can select to conduct their research.  A list of topics is available as a separate document.  Potential students may also elect to choose a topic of their own choice if it aligns with the interests and expertise of a member of academic staff.  Information on staff can be found at the various school pages of the Faculty

Faculty scholarships are available to both full time and part-time students, but full-time students will be preferred.  

How To Apply

To apply for admission please fill out the application form which can be found at:

For More Information

Contact the relevant course co-ordinator or support academic on your campus.

Course Co-ordinator /Support Contact Details
Bachelor of Business (Hons)
Course Co-ordinator, Distance Education & Bathurst Campus Rod Duncan 02 63384982
Wagga Wagga Campus Yapa Bandara  02 69332960

Albury Campus

Debra DaSilva

 02 60519843

Bachelor  of Information Technology (Hons)
Course Co-ordinator, Distance Education & Albury Campus Maumita Bhattacharya 02 60519619
Wagga Wagga Campus Tanveer Zia 02 69332024

Bathurst Campus

Zahid Islam

 02 69332415

Bachelor of  Computer Science (Hons) & (Games Tech Hons)


Zahid Islam

 02 69332415