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Dr Anna Corbo Crehan

PhD, BA (Hons) Melb

Senior Lecturer
off campus


Anna Corbo Crehan PhD is a Senior Lecturer at Charles Sturt University’s Australian Graduate School of Policing and Security. She is a philosopher by trade and has been with Charles Sturt on a full-time basis since 1999. She has published papers about a number of aspects of policing, including police ethics, obedience to authority, policing domestic violence, the policing of vulnerable people and professional boundaries.


Post-graduate supervision


HDR students (Principal Supervisor)


  • Looking beyond the trees: police educators’ conceptions of and approaches to growing and developing as teachers, Brett Shipton, 2018
  • An empirical study of Chinese police officers’ perceptions of integrity in the workplace, Zhang Liyun, 2016
  • A theoretical model of implementing the mass line principle in criminal investigation in China, Li Yongtao, 2015
  • Intelligence and Intelligence Analysis: Exploring the State of Intelligence since 9/11, Patrick F. Walsh, 2013
  • A qualitative exploration into the policing of Aboriginal Peoples’ use and occupancy of public space and the consequent usefulness of current criminological conceptualisations of over-policing, John Williams-Mozley, 2009

Doctor of Policing and Security

  • Justice, Rehabilitation and Reintegration: Capturing ‘success’ of Drug Courts in Australia, Amanda Clarke, 2019
  • Police cynicism: A practitioners’ perspective of what police cynicism is and how it impacts upon police practice, Mary-Jane Welsh, 2015
  • Police officers’ attitudes towards community policing: a case study of the Royal Malaysia Police, Siva Suppiah, 2015
  • Why do hate crime victims report to the police?, Patrick McCaffery, 2012

Doctor of Police Leadership

  • Leadership in Indigenous Child Protection Policing, Maurice Carless, 2013

HDR students (Co-Supervisor)


  • Anatomy of Death Investigations: A Qualitative Evaluation of Investigative Methods, Christina Witt, 2017
  • Millstones in the Sea? Australian Churches and Child Sexual Abuse, Jodie Death, 2008

Coursework Masters (Principal Supervisor)

Master of Emergency Management

  • Weighing up the risk versus reward. An insight into the management of police pursuits by police pursuit controllers, Patrick Hayes, 2018
  • School rampage violence - best practices to effectively cope with this phenomenon within an Australian university environment, Jamie Daniluck, 2016
  • Minimising the risk to Psychological Health of Bystanders Exposed and/or Engaged to Assist at Fatal or Serious Injury Motor Vehicle Collisions, Tanya Eade-Smith, 2016
  • Preferred Sheltering Practices for Emergency Sheltering in Australia: Child Safe Practices, Stephanie Ayres, 2015
  • Principles, Strategies, and Tools of Mass Notification Systems during Emergency Situations, Carolyn Dumbeck, 2015
  • Knock, knock, knocking at the Control Centre door - Water Industry Crisis Management Plan
  • Ignorance and uncertainty in the management of aviation accident investigations, Helen Foster, 2015

Master of Arts (Investigations Management)

  • Ignorance and uncertainty in the management of aviation accident investigations, John Robins, 2015
  • Ethnographical Exploration of Synergy: Establishing and Maintaining A Visionary Tri-Service Investigative Policing Culture within the ADF Investigative Service (ADFIS), Andrew Johnston, 2009

Master of Arts (Criminal Intelligence)

  • On the effects of intervention on the search engine and registrar level in order to disrupt the business continuity of rogue online pharmacies (OLPs), Kerstin Schrade-Butscher, 2015

Master of Ethics and Legal Studies

  • Legislative and policy expectations and restrictions on the private lives of NSW police officers – a Millian critique, Ms Kim Willer, 2012

Master of Arts (Fraud Investigation)

  • Exploring the prevalence of fraud and corruption in indigenous corporations, Jodie Goddard, 2007

Master of Arts (Crime Prevention)

  • Examining The Significance Of The Victoria Police Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator, Dianne Thomson, 2007


  • Goodman-Delahunty, J., Corbo Crehan, A. & Brandon, S. (2019). The Ethical Practice of Police Psychology (Chapter 1). Police Psychology: New Trends in Forensic Psychological Science. Netherlands: Elsevier (in press).
  • Corbo Crehan, A. and Goodman-Delahunty, J. (2019). Procedural Justice and Complaints about Police. Salus Journal, 7(1), 58-87.
  • Corbo Crehan, A. (2019). Teaching Police Ethics: Analysis of an Increasingly Complex Teaching Context. Police Practice and Research: An International Journal (Special Issue on Police Education). DOI: 10.1080/15614263.2019.1598075
  • Corbo Crehan, A. (2017). Some implications of the moral vulnerability of police. In N. L. Asquith, I. Bartkowiak-Théron, & K. A. Roberts (Eds.), Policing Encounters with Vulnerability (pp. 71-86). UK: Palgrave Macmllan.
  • Goodman-Delahunty, J., & Corbo Crehan, A. (2016). Enhancing Police Responses to Domestic Violence Incidents: Reports From Client Advocates in New South Wales. Violence Against Women, 22(8), 1007-1026. DOI: 10.1177/1077801215613854
  • Corbo Crehan, A., & Absalom, M. (2016). Watching out for the watchers. Journal of Criminological Research, Policy and Practice, 2(3), 164-172. DOI: 10.1108/JCRPP-08-2015-0038
  • Bartkowiak-Théron, I., & Corbo Crehan, A. (2012). "For when equality if given to unequals, the result is inequality": The Socio-legal Ethics of Vulnerable People. In I. Bartkowiak-Théron, & N. L. Asquith (Eds.), Policing Vulnerability (pp. 33-46). Sydney, Australia: The Federation Press.
  • Corbo Crehan, A. (2011). Ethics in policing. In P. Birch, & V. Herrington (Eds.), Policing in Practice (pp. 147-160). South Yarra, Vic, Aust: Palgrave Macmillan.
  • Corbo Crehan, A. (2010). Philosophy in Professional Education. In G. Oppy, & N. N. Trakakis (Eds.), A Companion to Philosophy in Australasia and New Zealand (pp. 376-378). Melbourne, Victoria: Monash University Publishing.
  • Corbo Crehan, A. (2010). "Appropriate" Police Discretion and Indigenous Over-Representation in the Criminal Justice System. Australian Journal of Professional and Applied Ethics, 11(1 / 2), 68-80.
  • Kelly, A., Coyle, J., Latham, H., & Corbo Crehan, A. (2010). Cynicism and emerging professionals: a cross disciplinary panel discussion. Australian Journal of Professional and Applied Ethics, 11(1 / 2), 110-121.

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