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Dr Charles Vandepeer

PhD (U Ade), Hons (U Ade), BA (USP)

Senior Lecturer
off campus


Dr Charles Vandepeer is a senior lecturer in Intelligence and Security Studies at Charles Sturt University. His career has included service in the Royal Australian Air Force and as a civilian Defence Operations Research scientist.

Charles completed his PhD at the University of Adelaide examining intelligence analysis and threat assessment within Australia, the United States and United Kingdom. He has been involved in lecturing and course development at the undergraduate and post-graduate level as well as teaching applied thinking skills in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors. Charles completed his undergraduate degree at the University of the South Pacific (Fiji), where he gained first-hand experience in understanding the power and influence that cultures, mindsets and perspectives can have on how we interpret and interact with the world around us. As a Squadron Leader, Charles served as the senior Air Force lead for Australian and Coalition analytic teams on deployment, gaining operational experience in the Middle East.

Charles has spoken and published nationally and internationally on intelligence analysis, operations research, critical thinking and decision-making. He is the author of the book Applied Thinking for Intelligence Analysis and is in the final stages of his next book Asking Good Questions.


  • JST 450 Introduction to Intelligence
  • JST 452 Intelligence Management


Book Chapter
  • Dirk Maclean and Charles Vandepeer, 'Military Intelligence: Expectations and Challenges', in Daniel Baldino and Rhys Crawley (Eds.), Intelligence and the function of government, Melbourne University Press, Melbourne, 2018.
  • Charles VandepeerApplied Thinking for Intelligence Analysis, Air Power Development Centre, Canberra, 2014. Softcopy available here
Selected journal articles and conference papers
  • Charles Vandepeer & James L Regens, Teaching & Mentoring in Intelligence Education: Preparing Intelligence Professionals for Asking Better Questions, International Association for Intelligence Education, 14th Annual Conference, July 2018.
  • Charles Vandepeer, 'Intelligence and Knowledge Development: What are the questions intelligence analysts ask?', Intelligence & National Security:
  • Charles Vandepeer, 'Intelligence and Technology: Who's Asking the Questions?', AIPIO National Intelligence Conference, August 2017.
  • Charles Vandepeer, 'Asking Good Questions for Intelligence Analysis and Operational Decision Making', Australian Army Research Centre Seminar, June 2017,​​
  • Charles Vandepeer, 'Question-Asking in Intelligence Analysis: Competitive Advantage or Lost Opportunity?', Air & Space Power Journal – A&F, United States Air Force Air University, Volume 7, Issue 4, Winter 2017.
  • Charles Vandepeer, 'Improving Intelligence Capabilities in Resource-Constrained Environments', AIPIO National Intelligence Forum, November 2016.
  • Charles Vandepeer, 'Culture, Technology and People: Lessons from the application of Air Power and Joint Operations in Conflict', Inaugural Sir James Rowland Air Power Seminar, Air Power and National Security: the Strategic Dimension, October 2016.
  • Charles Vandepeer, 'Integrating Operational Intelligence Across Nations', University of Oklahoma, Center for Intelligence & National Security Colloquium, Oklahoma, USA, September 2016.
  • Charles Vandepeer, 'What are the Questions Intelligence Professionals Ask?' Paper presented at the International Studies Association 57th Annual Convention, Atlanta, USA, March 2016.
  • Dirk Maclean & Charles Vandepeer, The Missing Link - Organisational Culture, Paper presented at the International Studies Association 57th Annual Convention, Atlanta, USA, March 2016.
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  • Charles Vandepeer, Terry Moon & Garth De Visser, Linking Missions to Scenarios for Analysis of Military Macro-Systems, OR Insight, April 2012.
  • Charles Vandepeer, Intelligence Analysis and Threat Assessment, Conference Proceedings, Australian Security & Intelligence Conference, 2011.

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