Eddie Oczkowski

Professor Eddie Oczkowski

BEc (LaT), MEc (ANU), PhD (LaT)

Adjunct Professor in Applied Economics and Quantitative Methods
Wagga Wagga


Eddie is an Adjunct Professor in applied economics and quantitative methods. Eddie's previous appointments include: Professor in applied economics and quantitative methods in the School of Accounting and Finance at Charles Sturt University, tutor at La Trobe University (Bundoora), Head of School of Management at Charles Sturt University, co-director of the Australian Centre for Co-operative Research and Development (ACCORD) and the Director of Graduate Studies at Charles Sturt University. Eddie has over 25 years teaching experience in areas such as Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Managerial Economics, Applied Econometrics, Business Forecasting, Business Research Methods, and Higher Degree research supervision. Eddie's expertise is applied econometrics with an emphasis on limited dependent variables, modelling markets for agricultural products and structural equation modelling applications to marketing and management.

Previous research interests have covered areas such as: modelling agricultural disequilibrium markets, hedonic wine pricing, bargaining in the coking coal trade, the demand for eggs, Australia's bilateral aid allocation, agricultural co-operatives, air-travel demand and marketing and HRM applications of structural equation modelling.  Eddie has received external grant funding from organisations such as NSW Department of Fair Trading, RIRDC and NCVER and has conducted various consultancies for local businesses and regional councils.

Teaching Responsibilities

  • Business Research Methods
  • Research Methodology for Business
  • Business Research Project
  • Microeconomics

Research Focus

  • Agricultural land use
  • Imperfect competition in agricultural markets
  • The demand and supply for wine grapes
  • Co-operatives
  • Structural Equation Modelling

Professional Activities

Professional Engagement

  • Reviewer for numerous journals including: Australian Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics, Economic Record , European Review of Agricultural Economics, International Journal of Research in Marketing, Journal of Agricultural Economics, Sociological Methods and Research
  • Examiner of various research higher degree research theses.
  • Australian Research Council: International Reader
  • Excellence Research in Australia: Peer Reviewer.

Selected Publications

Refereed Journal Articles

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