Professorial Staff

Professor Branka Krivokapic-Skoko

BSc (Hons), MSc(Econ), Belgrade, PhD Lincoln

Professor in Management


Branka obtained her doctorate from Lincoln University, New Zealand based on her research on ethnic entrepreneurship. During 2001-2002 she worked with the Australian Centre for Cooperative Research and Development (ACCORD) on research projects which explored different aspects of agricultural co-operatives. Branka joined CSU in 2002 and during the last few years her research activities have focused on ethnic business communities, new forms of agricultural co-operation, and ethnic diversity in rural and regional Australia. She has also conducted research on psychological contracts in the context of the theory and practice of management.

Branka has published in the area of mixed methodology, and the Boolean-based comparative method. She is currently a Chief Investigator on two large projects funded by the Australian Research Council and Rural Industry & Rural Development Corporation on ethnic communities and the built environment in Australian cities; and new immigrants in regional and rural Australia.

Teaching Responsibilities


  • ECO110 Microeconomics
  • ECO320 International Economics
  • MGT340 International Business Management


  • MGT571 Contemporary Management Practices
  • MGT540 Management of Change

Research Focus

  • Entrepreneurship: Theory and Practice
  • International Business Management
  • Cross-cultural Management
  • Business and Society
  • Economic Implication of Confucianism
  • Asian Management Systems
  • Rural Development and Extension
  • Rural Social Research in General Extension
  • Management of Farm/Horticultural Enterprises
  • New Agricultural Industries
  • Management of Co-operative Business Structures
  • Comparative Research Method and Generally Social Science Research Methods
  • Economic-Sociology (particularly network analysis and social capital)
Areas of RHD supervision expertise:
  • "Cosmopolitan heritage in a multicultural society: Ethnic communities and the built environment in Australian cities and rural and regional areas".
  • "Cultural constraints on entrepreneurship in Northern Cyprus: Male/Female segregation and its impact on business sector choice in enterprise development".
  • "Decision making and criteria of small technology-based firms in the selection of venture capital and venture capita lists".
  • eCommerce Adoption as a Catalyst for Internationalisation in Regional SMEs.
  • Financial decisions by immigrant-owned businesses in Australia.
  • Management practices of women entrepreneurs in Fiji.
  • Does sustainable leadership make a difference? Examining corporate sustainability in the Australian manufacturing sector.
  • Exploring the organisational effectiveness of Not-for-profit organisations: Outcomes' accountability, governance and capacity measurements.

Grants and Awards

  • Blackwell, J. (CI), Krivokapic-Skoko, B. (CI) (2013-2017) Farm Mechanisation & Conservation Agriculture for Sustainable Intensification (FSC/2012/047). Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research. Total: $544,574.00.
  • Collins, J. (CI), Krivokapic-Skoko, B. (CI) (2015-2017) Humanitarian immigrant entrepreneurs in private and social enterprises Australian Research Council, ARC Discovery Grant (DP150104059), Total:  $200,124.00.
  • Krivokapic-Skoko, B. (CI) (2012-2015) Collins, J. (CI) New Immigrants Improving Productivity in Australian Agriculture. (PRJ-007578) Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation (RIRDC). Total: $468,000.00.
  • Morrison, M. (CI), Foley, D. (CI), Collins, J., (CI), Krivokapic-Skoko, B. (CI), Basu, P.K. (CI) (2010) Determining the factors influencing the success of private and community-owned Indigenous businesses across remote, regional and urban Australia. ARC Linkage Grant (LP110100698). Total: $254,682.00.
  • Collins, J. (CI), & Krivokapic-Skoko, B. (CI). (2003). Cosmopolitan heritage in a multicultural society: Ethnic communities and the built environment in Australian cities and towns. Australian Research Council, ARC Linkage Grant (LP0455640).
  • Collins, J. (CI), & Krivokapic-Skoko, B. (CI) .(2006). New immigrants in the regional and rural Australia: Attraction and retention. (HCC06-27). Rural Industry & Rural Development Corporation (RIRDC).

Selected Publications


Jordan, K., Krivokapic-Skoko, B., Collins, J. (2011) Immigration and Multicultural Place-making in Rural and Regional Australia. In Luck, G., Black, R. and Race, D. (eds) Demographic Change in Rural Australia: Implications for Society and the Environment, Springer, 259-281.

Jordan, K., Krivokapic-Skoko, B. Collins, J. (2010) Italian Immigrants and the Built Environment in Rural Australia. In A. Bonanno et al (eds) From Community to Consumption: New and Classical Themes in Rural Sociological Research. Research in Rural Sociology and Development. Volume 16, Bingley, UK: Emerald Publishing, 141-155.

Krivokapic-Skoko, B., O'Neill (2010) Doing Mixed Methods Research. In Higgs, J., Macklin, R., Whiteford, G. and Ajjawi, R. (eds)  Researching Practice: A Discourse on Qualitative Methodologies. The Netherlands: Sense Publishers, 279-289.

Krivokapic-Skoko, B.; O'Neill, G., & Foundling, M. (2007). The development and effects of psychological contracts: An exploration of the contracts established by academics within an Australian university business school. In Basu, P., O'Neill, G. and Travaglione, A. (eds) Engagement and change: Exploring management, economic and finance implications of a globalizing environment. Brisbane, Australia: Australian Academic Press. 91-105.

Krivokapic-Skoko, B. (2006). Ethnicity and entrepreneurship: Empirical research on ethnic groups in New Zealand agriculture. Belgrade: Andrejevic Endowment.

Journal Articles

PK Basu, J. Hicks, B. Krivokapic-Skoko and C. Shirley (2015) Mining and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): A case study of a large gold mine in regional Australia,  The Extractive Industries and Society, DOI: 10.1016/j.exis.2015.03.002, published online on 8 April 2015

Duncan, R., Tilbrook, K. and Krivokapic-Skoko, B. (2015) Does academic work make Australian academics happy? Australian Universities' Review, 57 (1) 5-13.

Krivokapic-Skoko and Collins (2014) "Looking for Rural Idyll 'Down Under': International Immigrants in Rural Australia"'?  International Migration, DOI: 10.1111/imig.12174, published on line 29 August 2014

Oczkowski, E., Krivokapic-Skoko, B. and Plummer, K. (2013) The meaning, importance and practice of the co-operative principles: Qualitative evidence from the Australian co-operative sector. Journal of Co-operative Organization and Management , 1 , 54-63.

Krivokapic-Skoko, B., O'Neill (2011) Beyond Qualitative - Quantitative Distinction: Some Innovative Methods for Business and Management Research. International Journal for Multiple Research Approaches, 5 (3), 290-300.

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Refereed Conference Papers

Howells, K., Krivokapic-Skoko, B. (2012) Culture and Female Entrepreneurship in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. British Academy of Management, Cardiff Business School, Cardiff, UK, 11-13 September 2012.

B. Krivokapic-Skoko and J. Sappey (2012) Higher education: a social equalizer or economic agent of national competitiveness? 7thInternational Congress on University Teaching and Innovation (CIDUI 2012), Barcelona, University of Pompeu Fabra, 4-7 July 2012.

B. Krivokapic-Skoko, R. Duncan and K. Tilbrook (2012) The Use of the Time Diary Method to Explore Academic Time Management: Insights From an Australian University 11th European Conference on Research Methodology for Business and Management Studies (ECRM 2012), Bolton, UK, June 28-29, 2012.

Duncan, R., Krivokapic-Skoko, B., Tilbrook, K., Chopping, E. (2011) Academic Time Diaries: Measuring What Australian Academics Actually Do. Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management (ANZAM), Wellington, New Zealand, 7-9 December 2011.

Krivokapic-Skoko, B.,, O'Neill, G., and Dowell, D. (2011) Academics and Breach of Psychological Contracts in the University Sector: Insights from an Australian Business School, British Academy of Management Aston University, Birmingham, UK, 13-15 September 2011.

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Krivokapic-Skoko, B., O'Neill, G., and Dowell, D. (2010) "I Really Still Care About My Teaching!": The Impact of Breaches of the Psychological Contract upon Academic Staff within an Australian University.  Australian and New Zealand Marketing Academy(ANZMAC), Christchurch, New Zealand, 29 November -1 December, 2010.

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Krivokapic-Skoko, B. (2007). Formal methods of qualitative analysis as a tool for understanding the formation of co-operative enterprises. Paper published in the Proceedings from the 6th European Conference on Research Methods in Business and Management (ECRM07). Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal. 9-10 July.

Howells, K.,Krivokapic-Skoko, B. (2006) Gender Issues and the Choice of Business Sector for North  Cyprus Entrepreneurs. Paper published in the proceedings from the 29th Institute for Small Business & Entrepreneurship Conference: International Entrepreneurship - From Local to Global Enterprise Creation and Development. Cardiff-Caerdydd, UK, 31 October- 2 November 2006.

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Skoko, H., Krivokapic-Skoko, B., Skare, M., & Ceric, A. (2004). ICT adoption policy of Australian and Croatian SMEs (with Skoko H. et al). Paper presented at the 5th International Conference on Intellectual Capital and Knowledge Management, Faculty of Management Koper. 18-20 November.

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