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Professor John Hicks

Professor of Economics

John Hicks is Professor of Economics at Charles Sturt University where, for 16 years, he was Dean of the Faculty of Business. He has published on a range of regional, national and international issues in labour economics, industrial relations and macroeconomics – including regional airline access to KSA, the economics of petrol supply to regional Australia, analysis of labour markets for specific groups (women, nurses in regional Australia, farmers and older workers) and labour market policy. In addition he has published on China and its economic relationship with Australia.

John has been the recipient of internal and external grants for research and an award for research excellence. As a member of the Institute for Land Water and Society and a recipient of several ILWS Research Fellowships, John is now engaged in a number of projects with a regional and sustainability orientation (including issues of flooding in Australia and Bangladesh, regional growth in Australia and China and regional labour market issues in Australia).

He has previously been a Regional Development Board member in the Central West of NSW and a director of the Western Research Institute. Prior to joining CSU John taught at Monash University, the University of Melbourne and Massey University, New Zealand and was for several years Senior Economist at the Institute of Public Affairs in Melbourne. John's primary teaching areas are macroeconomics, microeconomics and labour economics. He is responsible for undergraduate and post graduate subjects and is a doctoral research supervisor.

Teaching and Research

Research Focus
  • Labour Economics (especially in relation to the regional work force).
  • Macroeconomics (especially in relation to economic growth in China and its impact on Australia; and the sustainability of regional communities).
Teaching Responsibilities
  • ECO120 Macroeconomics
  • ECO220 Macroeconomic Analysis
  • ECO501 Business Economics
  • ECO511 Economics for Business
  • HRM501 Labour Market Studies

Research Project Supervision:

  • Economics
Current Research Students

John is currently supervisor for a number of doctoral and honours candidates.

Grants and Awards
  • 2012, AusAID Australian Leadership Award Fellowship $136,606 (with Kishor Sharma, P.K. Basu and Yappa Bandara).
  • 2011, AusAID Australian Leadership Award Fellowship $150,000, (with Kishor Sharma and Yapa Bandara)
  • 2010, CSU Competitive Grant, $13,300 (with Val Ingham, Richard Sappey, Mir Rabiul Islam, and Ian, Manock)
  • 2004, Faculty Asia Pacific Research Grant, 2004 (with P.K. Basu).
  • ANTARAC Grant, 1997 (with Tom Murphy, Russell Brown, Pat Bradbery, Charles Presland, Mike Logan, Chris Guest, Erica Smith and Andy Smith).
  • ARC Small Grant, 1993.
  • ARC Small Grant, 1992.
  • Women's Research and Employment Initiatives Program Grant, 1986 (with Donald Lee and Philip Maxwell).

Professional Activities

Administrative Responsibilities
  • Professorial member, Faculty Board.
Professional Activities
  • Member, Economic Society of Australia.

Selected Publications

  • (1992) Economics: Principles and Policy, (Second Australian edition.), HBJ: Sydney. With William Baumol, Alan Blinder and Alan Gunther.
Book Chapters
  • (2012) 'Implementing policy for place: Delegating labour market policy decisions to the local level', in Kuvvet Lordoglu, Derya Keskin Demirer and Ismail Siriner (eds) Labour Markets and Employment, IJOPEC Publication London and Istanbul, pp.95-111. With P.K. Basu, Denise Conroy and Richard B. Sappey.
  • (2010) 'Managing the Ageing Workforce: "Getting On"', in Glenda Strachan, Erica French and John Burgess (eds) Managing Diversity in Australia: Theory and Practice, McGraw Hill: Sydney, pp. 255-268. With P. K. Basu and Richard B. Sappey.
  • (2009) 'Socio-cultural challenges to Economic Growth in China – Looking Ahead', in Basu, Parikshit and Yapa Bandara (eds) WTO Accession and Socio-economic Development in China, Chandos Publishing: Oxford, pp.165-183. With Richard Sappey and Parikshit K Basu.
  • (2009) 'Services in China: Prospects for Growth and implications for Australia' in Basu, Parikshit and Yapa Bandara (eds) WTO Accession and Socio-economic Development in China, Chandos Publishing: Oxford, pp. 79-95. With Richard Sappey and Parikshit K Basu.
  • (2007) 'How Can Australia Benefit from China's Economic Reforms?', in P K Basu; Grant O'Neill and Antonio Travaglione (ed.) 'Engagement and Change: Exploring Management, Economic and Finance Implications of a Globalising Environment', Australian Academic Press, Brisbane: Australia, pp. 25-36. With P.K. Basu and Richard Sappey.
Refereed Journal Articles
  • (2015)  'Balancing Act: Adjustment of China's Economy to Secure Sustainable Growth', Singapore Economic Review, online at With Shi Yutian; P. K. Basu; Kishor Sharma, Yapa Bandara, and Tom Murphy
  • (2015) 'Mining operations and corporate social responsibility – case study of a large gold mine in regional Australia, Extractive Industries and Society, http//,(New Journal from Elsevier) With P. K. Basu, Branka Krivokapic-Skoko and Christopher Sherley.
  • (2015) 'Evidence of Adaption to Flooding from three Regions in Bangladesh: A Multidisciplinary Study', International Journal of Interdisciplinary Environmental Studies, 9 (3-4), With Rabiul Islam, Valerie Ingham and Ian Manock.
  • (2014) 'The changing role of women in resilience, recovery and economic development at the intersection of recurrent disaster: A case study from Sirajgang, Bangladesh'. Journal of Asian and African Studies, pp. 1-18, DOI: 10.177/0021909614560244.  With Rabiul Islam, Valerie Ingham and Ian Manock.
  • (2014), 'The Impact of Employment Specialisation on Regional Labour Market Outcomes in Australia' Australian Bulletin of Labour, 40(1), pp.68-90. With P.K Basu and Christopher Sherley.
  • (2014) 'Evaluating sporting events: economic impact versus cost-benefit – the case of the Bathurst 1000',  International Journal of Sport and Society, 3, pp. 209-218. With Tom Murphy, P.K. Basu, Lesley Arthur, Deirdre Keogh and Guy West.
  • (2013) 'Do the determinants of employability and earnings returns produce similar outcomes in metropolitan and regional labour markets?: The case of NSW in Australia' Regional Studies. With Girijasankar Mallik, Parikshit K. Basu and Richard Sappey. Published online at: :
  • (2013) 'Trade and Environment in China: An Input-Output Perspective on the Pollution-haven Hypothesis', International Journal of Economics and Business Research, 5(4), pp. 420-432. With Shi Yutian, Kishor Sharma, Tom Murphy and Lesley Arthur.
  • (2013) 'Perceptions of  institutional and social response to frequent flooding in an Australian Rural Town', Australian Journal of Emergency Management. 28(1), pp.42-48. With Ian Manock, Mir Rabiul Islam, Richard B. Sappey and Valerie Ingham.
  • (2013, accepted for publication) 'Improving consumers' responsiveness to electricity demand management initiatives in Regional New South Wales: The potential use of behavioural-based constructs for identifying market segments' Australasian Journal of Regional Studies,19(2), With Mark Morrison and Jodie Kelinschafer.
  • (2012)  'Succession planning in Australian farming ', The Australasian Accounting Business and Finance Journal , 6(4) pp.94-110 .With Richard Sappey, Rakesh Gupta, Parikshit K. Basu and Deirdre Keogh.
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