Senior Lecturers

Dr Mark Frost

Senior Lecturer in Agribusiness
Building 1411 Room 433

Mark joined the University in 2002 and worked on the Orange campus, before moving to Bathurst campus in 2011. Mark is actively engaged with CSU study partners in Sydney, Melbourne, China and Cambodia and has also taught into the Cambodia partner program.

Prior to joining CSU Mark had a sixteen year banking career with a major Australian bank. Over this time he worked in their International Trade, Financial Markets, Corporate Banking, and Regional Agribusiness Banking areas. His experience in corporate banking saw him work with some of the largest agribusinesses in Australia, in the wheat, cotton, chicken, dairy and beef industries. His experience in financial markets involved foreign exchange, commodity futures and interest rate products and derivatives.

Between banking and university Mark volunteered at a vocational trade high school on the Pacific Island of Pohnpei in Micronesia for two years.

Teaching Responsibilities

Mark's teaching interests include risk management, commodity pricing management, financial lending, Asia / Pacific business and corporate finance.

Research Focus

Mark has submitted doctoral research examining the nature and strength of the relationship between world commodity prices, the Australian terms of trade, and the Australian exchange rate.

Mark's research interest covers:

  • Asia / Pacific
  • Terms of Trade
  • Trade and Development
  • Financial Markets
  • Commodity Prices
  • Manufacturing, in particular the food and beverage sector
  • Regional Communities of the Pacific

Professional Activities

Professional Activities:

  • Member of the Australian Academy of Management (Institutional Representative and Head of School Representatives)
  • Member of the Australian Graduate Management Consortium Board
  • University Employee Representative on Unisuper Consultative Committee

Within CSU Mark is also a member of:

  • Faculty of Business, Justice and Behavioural Sciences Board and its sub-committees
  • CSU Academic Integrity Working Party
  • CSU Academic Workloads Committee
  • CSU Indigenous Employment Strategy Advisory Committee

Selected Publications

Books Chapters

Frost M., & Crockett J. (2007). Communities of practice, clusters or networks? Prospects for collaborative business arrangements in the mining and engineering sector, central Western New South Wales. In Engagement and Change: Exploring Management, Economic and Finance Implications of a Globalising Environment Eds Parikshit Basu, Grant O'Neill and Antonio Travalglione. Chapter 21. Brisbane: Australian Academic Press.

Frost, M. (2006). Recent trends in the Australian financial system. In (Ed) Santosh Sareen Australia and India Interconnections: Identity, Representation, and Belonging. Chp. 27 Mantra New Delhi.

Refereed Journal Articles

Frost M., & Parton K. (2005). The role of local production and the world price in setting local wheat, wool, and beef prices. Australian Farm Business Management Journal 2(1), 38 - 45.

Refereed Conference Proceedings

Frost, M. & Parton, K. (2009). From agriculture to mining: The impact of structural changes in Australian commodity exports on the Australian terms of trade. Australian Agriculture and Resource Economics Society 53rd Annual Conference. Cairns, Australia. 11 - 13 February 2009.

Frost, M. & Bone, Z. (2009). A smorgasbord of agribusiness careers but too few students: Reflections from Australian higher education. International Farm Management 17th Conference - Agriculture: Food, Fibre and Energy for the Future Sun. 19 - Fri. 24 July 2009. Illinois, USA: Bloomington/Normal.

Frost, M., Crockett, J. & Parton, K. (2005). Preliminary analysis on the development of a cluster within the mining and engineering sector in the Orange, Cabonne, and Blayney region. Conference of the Centre for Regional Innovation and Competitiveness. Beyond Clusters: current practices and future strategies. Ballarat: University of Ballarat. 30 June - 2 July 2005.

Frost M. (2004). Recent trends in the Australian financial system. Second International Conference of the Indian Association for the study of Australia, Australia - Identity, Representation, and Belonging. New Delhi, 15 - 17 January 2004.

Frost M. (2004). Are farm gate prices related to price risk or production risk? Second Australian Farm Business Management Network Conference. Profit in an uncertain environment 5 - 7 December 2004 Orange.

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