Adjunct Staff

Dr Ken Lodge

BSc(Hons) Syd, MSc, PhD NE

Adjunct Senior Lecturer in Computer Science

Ken completed his BSc(Hons) at the University of Sydney in 1966 then, at the University of New England, an MSc in 1970 and PhD in 1975, both in theoretical physics.

Ken worked as Guest Researcher at the Institute for Atomic and Solid State Physics, Free University, Berlin (1977-78); Visiting Professor at the Institute of Physics, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre, Brazil (1978-80); Research Fellow, Department of Metallurgy and Science of Materials, University of Oxford (1980-84); Lecturer in Theoretical Physics, University of Exeter (1984-85); and Lecturer in Physics, University of Leicester (1985-88).

Ken has worked at CSU since 1989, as Senior Lecturer in Computer Science since 2000, retiring in 2013 but maintaining interest through an adjunct position.

Simulation of Rigid Body Dynamics

ITC363 Computer Graphics

Book Chapter

  • Fletcher, N. H. & Lodge, K. W. (1975).  Energy of interfaces between crystals; an ab initio approach.  In Epitaxial growth, part B, ed J. W. Matthews, Academic Press: London.  529-557.

Refereed Journal Articles

  • Lodge, K. W., Lapiccirella, A., Battistoni, C., Tomassini, N. & Altmann, S. L. (1989).  The 90o partial dislocation in silicon:  Geometry and electronic structure. Phil. Mag. B, 60, 643-651.
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  • Lodge, K. W. & Sholl, C. A. (1974).  Calculation of electric field gradients in metals.  J. Phys F, 4, 2073-2083.

Refereed Conference Proceedings

  • Carr, D.N., Bossomaier, T. & Lodge, K. (2007). Designing a computer game to teach Einstein’s theory of relativity. In Computer Graphics, Imaging and Visualisation, 2007, IEEE Society Press, 109-114.
  • Lodge, K.W., Geyer, J.A. & Bossomaier, T. (1996). Adaptability in neural networks. In Complex systems 96, eds R. Stocker, H. Jelinek, B. Durnota & T. Bossomaier, IOS Press: Amsterdam, 174-179.
  • Cook, M. W., Lodge, K. W., Moore, W. E. & Anderson, L. (1994).  The CYCLOPS project.  In Mechatronics and machine vision in practice, 1994, IEEE Computer Society Press: Los Alamitos, California, 124-127.
  • Bryan, G. M., Moore, W. E., Curry, B., Lodge, K. W. & Geyer, J. A. (1994).  The MEDUSA project:  Autonomous data management in a shared-nothing parallel database machine.  In 1994 ACM SIGMOD, Minneapolis, eds R.T. Snodgrass & M. Winslett, SIGMOD Record, 23(2), 507.
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As assistant supervisor

  • James Bekkema (PhD) Virtual Private Networks

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