Adjunct Staff

Adjunct Professor Terry Bossomaier

Adjunct Strategic Professor, Computing and Information Technology
Building 1411

Terry is a computational scientist with interests in the theory and applications of complex systems. Examples are

Theoretical principles, based on information theory, entropic measures and evolutionary and learning theory (e.g. see our recent paper on transfer entropy

Agent based modelling, for studying socio-economic systems, from house prices to illicit drug use

Cognition, the structure of cognitive networks and the growth of human expertise (see and its implications for AI

Simulation and Visualisation for studying complex systems, including the use of parallel and high performance computers

Econophysics, applying the methods of complex systems to understanding financial and economic systems, particularly when they are falling apart. (see Phase-transition–like behaviour of information measures in financial markets , M. Harr√© and T. Bossomaier 2009 87 18009)

PhD students are welcomed in all these areas. Projects which could start immediately are

  • Use of information theory to study the onset of bubbles and crashes in economic systems
  • Computational neuroscience of decision making under stress
  • Study of organisational dynamics and how successful organisations can fail

Academic Fields

  • Neural networks
  • Complex systems
  • Evolutionary computing
  • Parallel computing


Research Interests
  • Theory and applications of complex theory;
  • agent based modelling;
  • cognitive networks;
  • simulation and visualisation;
  • econophysics.

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