Dr Arash Mahboubi

Lecturer in Computing
Port Macquarie


Dr Arash Mahboubi received his PhD in Information Security from Queensland University of Technology (QUT) in 2018. He also received the B.Sc. degree (First Class Honours.) in computer security from Staffordshire University and the M.Sc. degree in information security from the University of Technology Malaysia, Malaysia. Since June 2019, Dr Mahboubi joined Charles Sturt University as a full-time cybersecurity lecturer. Before joining Charles Sturt, he was a sessional lecturer in information security and data science disciplines at QUT and the University of the Sunshine Coast. Dr Mahboubi is now deputy leader of the Cyber Security Research Group at CSU. He is an active researcher in the field of information security, information theory, ransomware/malware detection and prevention.


  • ITC514 - Linux Server Administration
  • ITC560 - Internet of Things
  • ITC595 - Information Security
  • ITC597 - Digital Forensics
  • ITC542 - Internetworking with TCP/IP
  • ITC333 - Server Administration and Maintenance


Dr Mahboubi's research interests include Wireless Networks, IoT, and mobile devices security and hacking, pervasive security, malware detection and prevention and malicious cryptography.


  • Member of Australian Computer Society


Dr Mahboubi's publications are available at Charles Sturt University Research Output Portal.

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