Irfan Altas

Professorial Staff

Associate Professor Irfan Altas

PhD Sask, MSc METU

Associate Professor in Information Studies
Wagga Wagga
Building 1 Room 312

Irfan is the Head of School, School of Computing and Mathematics. Prior to entering tertiary education, Irfan worked as a computer programmer. Since 1980 Irfan has been involved in computing and computational mathematics education and research.

Before joining Charles Sturt Irfan worked at the following universities: University of Saskatchewan (Canada), Middle East Technical University (Turkey), George Washington University (USA) and the University of Queensland (Australia). Irfan's research interests are broad; he has published papers on data mining, image processing, mesh generation, multigrid algorithms and computational fluid dynamics. Irfan is involved in research projects at international and national levels in these areas.

Research focus

  • Data mining
  • Numerical solution of differential equations
  • Use of the Internet and new technology in teaching
  • Network security
  • Development of scientific parallel algorithms

Professional Activities

  • Digital Careers - NSW Steering Committee
  • Box Hill Institute IT Curriculum Committee
  • Cisco Certified Academy Instructor
  • Cisco Certified Network Associate
  • Microsoft Certified Professional
Past memberships
  • Member of Australian Mathematical Society
  • Member of American Mathematical Society
  • Member of Canadian Mathematical Society

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