Senior Lecturers

Dr Dmitry Demskoy


Senior Lecturer in Mathematics
Wagga Wagga
Building 1 Room 311

Dmitry graduated with a M.Ed. from Oryol State University in 1997 and PhD from Institute of Mathematics Russian Academy of Sciences (Ufa Regional Centre, Russia). Dmitry worked as a Research Associate (UNSW, 2005-2007), Postdoctoral Fellow (Academia Sinica Taiwan, 2007-2008), Teaching Associate (Monash, UniMelb, 2009-2010; La Trobe, 2010), and Senior Research Assistant (La Trobe, 2010). Dmitry joined CSU as a Lecturer in Mathematics and Statistics in 2011.

Teaching Responsibilities

  • MTH135 Mathematics and Statistics in Health Sciences
  • SPA403 Algorithms in GIS & Modelling


  • Integrable Systems

Selected Publications

  • M. Yu. Balakhnev, D. K. Demskoi, Auto-B├Ącklund transformations and superposition formulas for solutions of Drinfeld-Sokolov systems, Applied Mathematics and Computation, V 219 (2012). 3625–3637.
  • D. K. Demskoi and C-M. Viallet, Algebraic entropy for semi-discrete equations, J. Phys. A: Math. Theor. 45(2012) 352001.
  • D. K. Demskoi, D.T. Tran, P.H. van der Kamp, and G.R.W. Quispel, A novel n -th order difference equation that may be integrable, J. Phys. A: Math. Theor. 45 (2012) 135202.
  • D.K. Demskoi, Integrals of open 2D lattices. Theor. Math.  Phys., V 163(1), 466-471, 2010.
  • D.K. Demskoi, Jyh-Hao Lee, On non-Abelian Toda  $A_2^{(1)}$ model and related integrable hyperbolic systems. J. Math. Phys. V.  50, 123516, 2009.
  • D.K. Demskoi and V.V. Sokolov, On recursion operators for  elliptic models. Nonlinearity, V 21, 1253-1264, 2008.
  • A. Sergyeyev, D.K. Demskoi, The Sasa–Satsuma (complex  mKdV II) and the complex sine-Gordon II equation revisited: recursion  operators, nonlocal symmetries and more. J. Math. Phys. V. 48, 042702, 2007.
  • D.K. Demskoi, On application of Liouville type equations  to constructing B├Ącklund transformations. J. Nonl. Math. Phys. V. 14, N 1,  147-156. 2007.
  • D.K. Demskoi, V.G. Marikhin, and A.G. Meshkov, Lax  representations for triplets of two-dimensional scalar fields of the  chiral-type. Theor. Math. Phys. V. 148, N 2, 1034-1048. 2006.
  • D.K. Demskoi and S. Ya. Startsev, On construction of  symmetries from the integrals of hyperbolic partial differential systems.  Journal of Mathematical Sciences. V. 136, N 6, 4378-4384, 2006
  • D.K. Demskoi, One class of Liouville-type systems. Theor.  Math. Phys. V. 141, N 2, 1509-1527. 2004.
  • D.K. Demskoi and A.G. Meshkov, Zero-curvature  representation for a chiral-type three-field system. Inverse problems. 19.  563-571. 2003.
  • D.K. Demskoi and A.G. Meshkov, Lax representation for a  triplet of scalar fields, Theor. Math. Phys. 2003. V. 134, N 3, 351-364.

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