Dr Brett Shipton

B.Ed (Adult Ed), M.Ed (Adult Ed), Grad.Dip (Police Management), PhD

NSW Police Academy, McDermott Drive


Prior to being employed as a lecturer at CSU, Brett Shipton was a member of the NSW Police for 15 years. Brett's policing background was in general duties policing, highway patrol and education at the NSW Police College. During his policing career at the college he specialised in driver training and traffic related policing.

He left the NSW Police Force in 2001 and worked as an Education Officer in corrective services and as a teacher of justice studies and training at Queensland TAFE. Brett has been in his present position with Charles Sturt University since 2006. He has a Bachelor and Masters of Education (Adult Education) and a Graduate Diploma in Management. During Brett's time with CSU he has specialised in teaching police powers and researching the use of student-centred learning approaches in police education. He is currently part of a CSU and NSW police force team implementing problem-based learning into the police recruit training program.

Brett has completed a PhD examining the conceptions of and approaches to teacher development by police educators. This research is based on a phenomenographic methodology, with the intentions of providing a better understanding of how police educators can expand their understanding of teaching and learning practices.


  • Associate Degree in Policing Practice


Brett is conducting research into the teaching approaches of police educators via the research specialisation of phenomenography. The intention of this research is to examine the variation in practice between teacher and learner-centered educators within police academies/colleges within Australia. It is anticipated the findings of this research can be used to inform the design of more effective staff development programs that encourage applications of learner-centered teaching.


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Book chapter - Refereed

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Journal articles - Non refereed

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Full conference papers - Non refereed

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