Carmen Moran

Adjunct Staff

Professor Carmen Moran


Adjunct Professor
Wagga Wagga

Carmen Moran is an Adjunct Professor of Psychology. She has held a variety of academic positions at various institutions, and has also worked as hospital psychologist specialising in the treatment of anxiety disorders. Her research interests are centred on stress and coping. Underlying all this research is the question: How do people manage to cope as well as they do, given the problems that life throws at us? Within this framework she has studied and published in the areas of anxiety disorders, stress and coping in the emergency services, and humour as a coping strategy in extreme environments. Because her work on humour took her in the area of 'a search for meaning', she became interested and researches the nature of spirituality and coping. She has also now extended her research to include motives for drinking, with a focus on wine, wellbeing and health. 'Coping and wellbeing' is the framework that links these areas of research activity.


  • Australian Psychological Society

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