Professors and Lecturers

Professor Anthony Saliba

Professor (Psychology)
Wagga Wagga
Building 26 Room 116


Anthony's interests are in Perceptual Psychology, and how we interpret sensory experiences to make decisions. He has worked in diverse areas such as telecommunications, consumer behaviour and more recently food and wine. He was the first to discover that personality type influences taste preference, which may be the factor that help unlock a complete understanding of why people like the foods that they do. Anthony's other interest is in taking a Positive Psychology approach to understand how people cope with common Psychological disorders. For instance, the use of wine to control minor and transient levels of anxiety, or how wine increases happiness through social interaction, especially for introverts. More broadly, how sensory experiences help us to maintain happiness and balance. Anthony has been awarded almost 2 million dollars  in research funding, and managed over 8 million dollars in research projects focused on Perceptual Psychology.

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