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Dr Keith Harris

PhD, Psychology, The University of Queensland, 2009. Thesis topic: Suicide and the Internet, MA, Social Psychology, Claremont Graduate University, Claremont, CA USA, BS, Psychology, Michigan State University, E. Lansing, MI, USA

Senior Lecturer
Port Macquarie

Keith’s degrees are in psychology – but with a broad and translational/applied approach. His research collaborations include work with academics in Australia, the USA, Singapore, China, Columbia, and several other countries. Dr Harris has worked with governmental and non-governmental agencies on better mental health, improving education, and progressing on social issues. Currently, he is working on using improved psychological assessments to better define complex constructs and improve related theory.

His areas of interest are:

  • Suicide ("Our constant goal is prevention - but first must come understanding" Edwin Shneidman)
  • Climate anxiety and related factors
  • Valid measurement of latent psychosocial traits (e.g., suicidality, smartphone stress, climate anxiety)
  • Online Behaviours – particularly those related to Health and Mental Health
  • Dr Harris enjoys collaborating in several other areas of interest


  • PSY304 Psychopathology – Convener
  • PSY204 Psychological Testing – Convener


Dr Harris collaborates on research projects in several areas. He is currently looking for new PhD students to work in the areas stated below. Some of his main research projects are:

  • Re-development of the Suicidal Affect-Behavior-Cognition Scale in Chinese, English, Spanish, etc.
  • Smartphone Connectivity Stress
  • Climate Anxiety
  • Online survey methods and outcomes.
  • The psychological benefits of hosting visiting friends and relatives
  • Improving individual assessments in emergency and psychiatric care

Professional Memberships

Australian Psychological Society (APS) – member (MAPS)

International Academy of Suicide Research (IASR) – member

American Psychological Association (APA) – member

Climate & Health Alliance (CHA) – member

Psychology for a Safe Climate – member


Peer Reviewed Publications

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Book Chapter

Harris, KM. (2015). Life vs. death: The suicidal mind online. In E. Aboujaoude & V. Starcevic (Eds.), Mental health in the digital age. New York, NY: Oxford University Press.

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