COVID-19 Information

Information for Workplace Learning Students on COVID-19

Answers to some of the general questions you may have around the impacts of COVID-19 on workplace learning.

Information for Host Organisations and Supervisors on COVID-19

We are going to continue placements where possible, and where it is safe to do so.  We are continually updating our advice to students and to host organisations in line with advice received from Australian Federal and State Health departments about the COVID-19 virus.

Yes, Charles Sturt is continuing with student placements.

Charles Sturt will follow industry decision, such as in the case of school, health service, and Government and business closures.


  • Where possible, placements will continue as normal.
  • Where possible, placements can be conducted remotely.
  • Students undertaking placements with their employer, should take the advice of that organisation.


  • For some health and allied-health areas, such as Psychology, placements can be conducted through the Australian Government’s Telehealth Services which has been expanded in response to COVID-19. Supervision is allowed via audio or video recordings.

Yes, where there is agreement between you, the student and the University.  Contact the WPL team if you have questions or ideas about students working remotely.

It is important that you have agreed tasks to be performed before placement commences. Maintain regular contact and agree on goals so students/cadets know their expectations.

Use technology tools that are available, such as Skype, Zoom and Outlook etc.

Contact your WPL team for advice.


We encourage Supervisors to make regular contact with academic mentors and cadets. You may also be required to liaise with your cadet in relation to assessment items that require your approval or sign off, or undertake periodic review meetings remotely.

Whilst we are working differently at the moment, student performance expectations remain the same.  Students should meet the expectations set by the Supervisor and by the University.  If students are not performing at the required expectation, due to COVID-19, we would suggest they lodge a Special Consideration which will allow students to complete their placement at a later time.

There is an expectation that students will have their own computer and internet access, however, if specialist software is required, the host would be expected to provide those resources.

The University is updating its advice to students continually based on advice from Australian Federal and State Health departments.

Inform the WPL team and we will assist the student to complete an online Incident Report.

If contact with COVID-19 has occurred, this means that the student and the workplace will need to self-isolate for 14 days, and not attend the workplace site.

Yes, we are happy to delay, defer or postpone a placement to a later date.  We greatly appreciate your contribution to placements at Charles Sturt, and we are very happy to work with you and students to ensure our students complete their placement.   Contact your WPL team for further advice.


Placements form a core component of the engineering curriculum and delaying or deferring placements significantly may impact a cadet’s graduation timeline. Cadets currently on placement can have their placement postponed with no impact to their studies for the remainder of the placement. Cadets who are commencing or continuing placement in July can have their placement date delayed by up to 2 months. If you are unable to offer a start date for a commencing or continuing cadet before the end of August please contact the WPL team for further advice

Yes.  We acknowledge students can make a valuable contribution in these areas.  Students can continue with their current placement, unless they are advised by either the placement organisation of the University that the placement has been cancelled.