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Workplace Learning Information for Business Host Organisations

Although individual organisations may have varying capacities to assist students in achieving the subject aims, most organisations can provide a setting where students can appreciate the workplace and attempt to give context to their university studies through that workplace.

Information for Prospective Host Organisations

For a basic overview of the Workplace Learning program at CSU, please refer to our Information brochure for prospective host organisations.

For detailed information regarding our Workplace Learning program, including information about subjects, relevant contacts and samples of forms, please refer to our Work Placement Information for Host Organisation booklet.

Expressions of Interest in Work Placement Program

If you are interested in hosting a business or accounting student, please contact the Workplace Learning Unit on Alternatively you may complete and submit an Expressions of Interest form.

Forms requiring completion by the Host Organisation

There are a number of forms required throughout the Workplace Learning process, most of which are the responsibility of the student. The forms that must be signed or completed by the host organisation are listed below.

  • FORM B - Business Student Placement Agreement - This is an official document which must be completed and signed prior to a placement commencing. This formalises the process, outlines the terms and conditions of the placement and ensures insurance coverage for students who are new to the workplace for the duration of the placement. All parties involved in a placement (student, host organisation and the University) must sign the Agreement.
  • FORM C - Attendance Record – Attendance records are to be completed by the student throughout the placement in order to track placement hours.  This form must be signed by the student and supervisor upon completion of the placement and emailed to by the student.
  • FORM E - Placement Evaluation - This is the form that the University requires host organisations to complete upon conclusion of a placement. An electronic copy will be sent to the host organisation by the Workplace Learning Officer.