Academic Staff

Mr Peter Rickard

Ottawa, Canada


Peter has diverse and extensive experience in district, region, and headquarters environments at the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) and its predecessors (Revenue Canada - Customs and Excise, and the Canada Customs & Revenue Agency).  Although in recent years he has gained considerable experience in advance information programs related to international aviation, his principal background at the CBSA has been in the management of a broad spectrum of trade incentives programs.

His most recent experience prior to joining CCES was as National Manager of the CBSA Advance Passenger Information – Passenger Name Record (API – PNR) Compliance program.  His team monitors, reviews and undertakes analysis of international air carrier data pertaining to all Canadian-bound aircraft to ensure compliance with Canada's API-PNR Program and to support CBSA targeting operations.  In this role he has worked closely with international airlines – officials, executives and associations – to facilitate their understanding of Canadian law and to assist them in improving their compliance

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