Join the ranks of highly qualified and experienced legal practitioners with a career in law.

Delivered by the Centre for Law and Justice, our laws degree is unique, incorporating Indigenous Australian content and cultural competence. You’ll have greater career opportunities in rural and remote regions, as well as metropolitan settings. At Charles Sturt you’ll also have the opportunity to study and research a range of areas of the criminal justice system, helping you find the ideal starting point for your career in areas such as policing, juvenile justice, corrections and working with refugees. Or you can extend your current skillset to make a significant contribution to the future direction of policies, practices and ethical procedures.

Bachelor of Laws

Our Bachelor of Laws is unique across the world for its incorporation of compulsory Indigenous Australian content, resources law and community law in addition to the traditional law curriculum.

Bachelor of Criminal Justice

Our Bachelor of Criminal Justice prepares students for careers in the criminal justice professions, including: policing, corrections, restorative justice, mediation, court administration, policy and law reform, probation, parole, and juvenile justice.

Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Criminal Justice

Charles Sturt’s Bachelor of Laws / Bachelor of Criminal Justice is a ground-breaking double degree which equips students with a diverse skill set and specialist expertise to become change-makers with the ability to make a lasting impact in their communities. This degree opens up diverse careers in the legal and criminal justice sectors.

Bachelor of Policing and Public Safety

Our Bachelor of Public Safety and Security is your opportunity to become involved in one of today’s fastest growing industries. There has been exponential growth in the number and diversity of agencies and practitioners providing public safety and security services.

Bachelor of Applied Research (Honours)

Building on the knowledge and skills you gained in your undergraduate degree, the Honours program lets you pursue in-depth study in an area of interest and develop your own original research project. Working with Criminology, Policing, Law & Criminal Justice academics and professionals in your chosen field, you'll contribute to research in a field of national and international importance.