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Dr Ruth Delaforce

Dr Ruth Delaforce

PhD (Griffith); Masters in International Relations and Asian Politics (UQ); BA (Australia and Comp Studies) (Griffith)


Dr Delaforce is a lecturer in Criminology and Policing, with specific interests in the military-crime nexus, intelligence and investigative processes, formal and informal policing, and state security arrangements.  Ruth’s background includes employment in the federal public sector, private sector, and law enforcement, in policy and operational roles.

Ruth is a member of the AGSPS Public Safety and Security Group, with particular focus upon organised crime, intelligence and investigative processes.  Ruth is also an Associate Editor of Salus Journal, and a member of the AGSPS Learning and Teaching Committee, and the AGSPS Research Committee.

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Teaching into policing and global criminology subjects, including:

  • JST228 – Policing and the Community
  • JST309 – Indigenous Communities and Policing
  • JST318 – Human Rights and Social Justice
  • JST337 – Crimes of the Powerful

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Ruth’s research focuses upon human security, and the processes of peace-building and crime prevention.  Her interests include the following:

  • Military-crime nexus
  • Policing
  • Transnational organised crime
  • State crime
  • Insurgency and terrorism.

Ruth’s current projects include:

  • Intelligence and investigation processes in biosecurity
  • Policing approaches to organised crime groups
  • Policing across the global north-south divide
  • Review of the military-crime nexus

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Ruth's publications can be found here -

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