Adjunct Staff

Dr Leonora Ritter

BA (Hons), MA (Hons) and PhD in History

Adjunct Associate Professor
Building 1400 Room 2.16


Leonora retired in 2009 from the position of Head of School of Social Sciences and Liberal Studies.

She is trained as a historian with a BA (Hons), MA (Hons) and PhD in History. Her major interests of nineteenth century history and history of childhood converged in the area of the history of attitudes towards and treatment of juvenile delinquency which formed the basis of an honours and a masters thesis. The PhD on Sir William and Lady Mary Windeyer also touched on this topic as well as covering a range of legal and social issues in nineteenth century NSW.

She also has a Dip.Ed and an enduring interest in pedagogy and assessment.  She on the Editorial Board for the Quartile 1 UK journal, Teaching in Higher Education.

Research Interests

History of childhood, nineteenth century Australian history, issues in learning and teaching.

Relevant Publications

L.Ritter & J.B.Windeyer, William and Mary Windeyer, Australian Scholarly Publishing, North Melbourne, 2016

L.Ritter, “Unfulfilled promises: how inventories, instruments and institutions subvert discourses of diversity and promote commonality”, Teaching in Higher Education, 12:5-6, December 2007, pp 569-580

L. Ritter, “Inventing Juvenile Delinquency and Determining its Cure”, in M.Enders and B. Dupont, Policing the Lucky County, Hawkins Press, Leichhardt, 2001, pp 108-130

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