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Dr Piero Moraro

Adjunct Lecturer


Piero was a Lecturer at the Centre for Law and Justice art Charles Sturt University. He works mainly in political and legal philosophy. His articles have appeared in in The Philosophical Quarterly, the Journal of Applied Philosophy, Law and Philosophy and Res Publica. His book Civil Disobedience: a Philosophical Overview was published in 2019. Piero’s research interests centre around issues in democratic theory, social protest and criminal justice ethics.


Piero has taught subjects on critical thinking, policing, human rights, and introductory subjects to criminal law.


Piero's research focuses on issues at the intersection between ethics, law and political philosophy. He has published work on civil disobedience and political obligation, and is currently working on whether compulsory voting is morally justifiable.


  1. Civil Disobedience: a Philosophical Overview (Rowman and Littlefield International).

Journal Articles

  1. Punishment, Fair-Play and the Burdens of Citizenship, Law and Philosophy 38(3), 289-311 DOI: 10.1007/s10982-019-09346-6
  2. The Costs of Disobedience: a Reply to Delmas, Res Publica: a Journal of Moral, legal and Social Philosophy DOI: 10.1007/s11158-019-09422-7
  3. Against Epistocracy (2018) Social Theory and Practice, 44 (2):199-216
  4. On (Not) Accepting the Punishment for Civil Disobedience (2018) The Philosophical Quarterly 68 (272):503-520 (update: PQ has just published a response to this article by Daniel Weltman)
  5. Is Bossnapping Uncivil? (2018) Raisons Politiques, 69(1): 29-44
  6. Introduction to Symposium on Democracy (2015) International Journal of Applied Philosophy 29 (1):103-105
  7. Respecting Autonomy Through the Use of Force: The Case of Civil Disobedience (2014) Journal of Applied Philosophy 31 (1):63-76
  8. Violent Civil Disobedience and Willingness to Accept Punishment (2007) Essays in Philosophy 8 (2): 6

Book Chapters

  1. "Frameworks for Punishment: Implications on 21st Century Corrective Services", in Birch & Sicard (eds.) (2020), Prisons & Community Corrections: Critical Issues and Emerging Controversies, Routledge
  2. "A Dilemma for a Civil Disobedient: Pleading Guilty or Not Guilty in the Courtroom", in Michelon et al. (eds.) (2012), The Public In Law: Representation of the Political in Legal Discourse, London: Ashgate

Book Reviews

  1. "Review of Jason Brennan's Against Democracy" (2017) Ethical Theory and Moral Practice, 20 (4): 911-913
  2. "Review of Jason Brennan's The Ethics of Voting" (2012) The Philosophical Quarterly 62 (248): 628-631


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  2. Young Citizens Should Have More Votes than Those Over 60”, The Sydney Morning Herald, July 6, 2016
  3. “Ethics Apply to Politics. It’s Hypocrisy to Argue Anything Else”, The Australian, 2nd July 2013
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  1. (2018) “Impact of the new federal electoral divisions for the ACT”, 2SER Radio, The Daily, 13th April
  2. (2016) One Person One Vote: Time to Reassess?, Sunday Extra, ABC Radio National, 17th July
  3. (2016) Electronic Vote: Yes or No?, SBS Radio National, 12th July


  • (2013) CSU Faculty Grant ($10,722) for the organization of the workshop "Democratic Rights – Democratic Duties", 3-4th July 2013
  • (2009) Sir Richard Stapley Educational Trust, Postgraduate Grant
  • (2008) Sir Richard Stapley Educational Trust, Postgraduate Grant
  • (2006) Philosophy Department, University of Stirling, 3-year PhD Bursary

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