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Associate Professor Susan Field

B.A. (UNE), M.Ed.Admin (UNE), LLB (Unitas)

Adjunct Associate Professor
Building 1001


Sue Field is an Australian Legal Practitioner who has worked both in practice and academe in the area of Elder Law for close to twenty years. During this time Sue has researched, consulted, taught, published and presented widely in this emerging speciality.

Sue is currently a member of the following NSW Law Society's Committees, Elder Law, Capacity and Succession and Rural Issues; a member of the ALRC Elder Abuse Advisory Committee, a Distinguished Fellow at the Canadian Centre for Elder Law, a Research Fellow at UWA and a Lead Investigator in the Cognitive Decline Partnership Centre.

Sue is co-editor of the recently released text on ‘Elder Law – A Guide for working with Older Australians’ Federation Press, 2018. Sue is also co-authoring a lay person's guide to elder law due for publication early 2019.

Research Project

Three year Cognitive Decline Partnership Centre funded project on Supported Decision Making producing several refereed publications, webinars, policy guidelines for aged care providers and resources on supported decision making.

External Grants

2014 Cognitive Decline Partnership Centre $132,000
‘Policies and Practices of Financial Institutions in relation to substitute decision making instruments’ (Principal Researcher WSU);
2015 Cognitive Decline Partnership Centre $600,000 
‘Supported Decision Making’ (Lead Investigator UWA);
2016 SWSPHN $25,000
‘Knowledge of General Practitioners and Allied Health Professionals in respect of Enduring Guardianship and Advance Care Directives’ (Principal Researcher, WSU).

Note: Bene figures and years of grants are approximate.

Memberships & Activity

  • Co-editor ‘Elder Law Review’
  • Member of the NSW Law Society
  • Distinguished Fellow Canadian Centre for Elder Law.

Selected Publications

Sinclair, C., Field, S., Williams, K., Blake, M., Bucks, R., Auret, K., Clayton, J., Kurrle, S. (2018) Supporting decision-making: A guide for people living with dementia, family members and carers. Sydney: Cognitive Decline Partnership Centre.

Sinclair C, Field S, Blake M, Radoslovich H. An examination of organizational policies for healthcare decision-making among Australian aged care providers. Australasian Journal on Ageing

Sinclair, C., Field, S., Blake, M. (2018). Supported decision-making in aged care: A policy development guideline for aged care providers in Australia. Sydney: HammondCare

Sinclair, C., Bucks, R., Blake, M., Williams, K., Clayton, J., Auret, K., Radoslovich, H., Callaghan, S., Field, S., Kurrle, S. "We've always thought of one another": Relational perspectives on autonomy and decision-making among people with dementia and their family carers. In G. Macdonald & J. Mears (Eds) 'Reframing Dementia as Social and Cultural Experience'. 2018. London: Routledge.

Sue Field, Karen Williams and Carolyn Sappideen, ‘Elder Law – A Guide for working with Older Australians’ Federation Press, 2018.

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