Regional Entrepreneurship

Research Area leaders:

Professor Morgan Miles

Adjunct Professor Morgan Miles

Regional Entrepreneurship focuses on understanding how entrepreneurship contributes to the development and economic viability of regional communities and their entrepreneurial ecosystems. The Faculty’s main interest pertains to the interrelationships of a region’s culture, social networks, institutions, infrastructure, and stocks of financial, built, natural and human capitals interact to create economic, environmental and social outcomes in regional communities.  Also, the Faculty hopes to stimulate interest in how a broader perspective of entrepreneurship may be used to guide policy and practice in regional communities that enhance key dimensions of the region’s quality of life such as access to health care, education, and jobs.

The Faculty of Business, Justice and Behavioural Science’s Regional Entrepreneurship Research Group aims to promote and support a diverse portfolio of research that contributes to regional community economic and social development.  Topics include the policies and practices that support Ag Tech, Start-Ups, government support programs, and the effects on regionally based entrepreneurs and small businesses of policy changes in community services such as health care, disability care, and educational programs.

Katherine Attree  Katherine
Larissa Bamberry  Larissa BamberryAssociate Albury
Rui Bi  Rui Bi Senior Lecturer
Oliver Burmeister  Oliver
Abhishek Dwivedi  Abhishek Dwivedi Associate
Mark Frost  Mark Frost Senior Bathurst
Xiaodi Huang  Xiaodi Huang Associate Professor
Jodie Kleinschafer  Jodie Kleinschafer Lecturer Bathurst
Branka Krivokapic-Skoko  Branka Krivokapic-SkokoProfessor Bathurst
Morgan Miles  Morgan Miles Professor Bathurst
Mark Morrison  Mark Morrison Professor
Alain Neher  Alain NeherSenior
Felicity Small  Felicity SmallSenior Lecturer Bathurst
Alfred Wong  Alfred Wong Senior Lecturer Bathurst

Current Projects

Project Name Brief Description Funding
Riverina Skills Audit This study is to investigate current and future skills shortages, focusing on significant industries across the Riverina. At present there is little to no information on skills shortages at a regional level, information specific to the Riverina is lacking. Riverina Development Australia – Riverina NSW Prof Oliver Burmeister
Understanding risk perceptions, knowledge and preventative health behaviour of Australians in rural, regional remote Western NSW during the Covid-19 Pandemic This study is a collaboration between Charles Sturt University, the Western NSW LHD and the Western Health Research Network.  Capturing rural, regional, remote and Aboriginal perspectives, during the current pandemic, will help to identify a course of action for health services so they can respond to and mitigate the impact of COVID-19 across Charles Sturt's footprint. Internal Charles Sturt COVID-10 Grant Jodie Kleinschafer
Addressing barriers to adoption.  Building farmer innovation capability - Phase 2 Farmer-led innovation provides an alternative to historical approaches to Research, Development and Adoption of technologies and practices to improve soil management. Soil CRC Prof David Fa'a Falepau, Prof Morgan Miles
AFL: Building community through sport The purpose of this project was to explore current attitudes and motivations towards regional community sporting clubs and to identify ways to attract more players. Qualitative interviews were conducted using a social network analysis framework to understand how people in regional areas engage with each other and the role community sports have in building resilient regional communities. Australian Rules Football League (AFL) Felicity Small, Mark Frost, Dr Tahmid Nayeem
Evaluating the contribution of the Agritech Incubator Hub and Startup programs to creation of networks and development of an entrepreneurial ecosystem This project will assess the effectiveness of the Charles Sturt Agritech Incubator Hub and associated startup programs in developing entrepreneurs, creating networks, and contributing to an entrepreneurial ecosystem.  It will evaluate the impact of the program on participants and their development as entrepreneurs, explore how the Hub contributes to building strong relationships and networks between the University, entrepreneurs and the local community and it will assess the impact of the hub on growth and development of enterprises in the Agritech sector within the region. Innovation NSW Larissa Bamberry; Kim Thompson; Cathi McMullen,
Kath Attree
Social entrepreneurship at non-profit organisations Social entrepreneurship is considered as a process involving the innovative use and combination of resources to pursue opportunities to catalyse social change and/or address social.

The project aims to uncover how non-profit organisations create social value by engaging in social innovation.  A key aspect of the project is to understand social entrepreneurship orientation and its role in social value creation.

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Faculty of Business, Justice and Behavioural Sciences Abhishek Dwivedi and Jay Weerawardena (UQ)

Past Projects

Project NameFunding BodyInvestigators
Name Award Topic Supervisor
Mariya Yesseleva-PionkaPhDAustralian small and medium-sized enterprises and their access to external debt financeProfessor Adam Steen
02 6338 4932
Neelam GoelaPhDAccounting and financial decision-making in migrant small businesses in AustraliaProfessor Branka Krivokapic-Skoko
02 6338 4428
Juergen HirschDBAMotivators and  barriers to internal, social-media driven open innovation communities in financial servicesDr Herbert Fischer
John Edward Somerville LawsonDBAExploring organisational effectiveness of not-for-profit organisations:  outcomes accountability, governance and capacity measurementProfessor Branka Krivokapic-Skoko
02 6338 4428

The following opportunities exist in regional business development:

Professor Mark Morrison
02 6338 4253
Entrepreneurship in regional Australia

Indigenous business entrepreneurship

Categorising types of entrepreneurs across regions, their practices and capabilities, and understanding how to support them.

Professor Branka Krivokapic-Skoko
02 6338 4428
Contribution of immigrants in regional Australia to entrepreneurship

Indigenous business entrepreneurship.