We seek to encourage applied research that will benefit the communities in our regions, as well as the communities that we serve nationally and internationally.


As part of our work in Business, many of our researchers have obtained nationally competitive grants as well as industry and government funding, and published their research findings in leading national and international journals.

The strong investment of the University in research in the Faculty has lead to substantive improvement in several key disciplinary areas in the Commonwealth government's latest Excellence in Research Australia (ERA) review, a result we are seeking to build on in coming years.


We are actively engaged in high-profile research projects that contribute to legal advocacy and policy change. We are committed to building Charles Sturt Universities profile as an institution on the forefront of research that:

  • builds and sustains the environment
  • fosters resilient and healthy communities
  • promotes and evaluates regional development
  • cultivates a civil and just society
  • partners with Indigenous communities and organisations
  • engages in reflexive educational and professional practice

Behavioural Sciences

As scientists, psychologists undertake fascinating research into every imaginable aspect of human behaviour.

Our research includes exploring what contributes to individuals, groups and communities living well, addressing poor outcomes that some people and vulnerable groups may be more susceptible to and identifying what builds resilience against adversity.

We have current research projects that are examining a broad array of human behaviours and experiences, including our perception of the world and how this impacts the way we see and interact with it, how we can thrive in the face of adversity through resilience and protective factors and developing and piloting digital interventions aimed at reducing suicidality among trans and gender diverse people. Our researchers are also involved in ARC-funded projects that seek to improve the well-being and safety of students and children and examine how children in residential care can form healthy relationships and strong personal identities.

Through our research, we actively seek to understand human behaviour and ways to improve people’s lives by contributing to the development of resilient people and flourishing communities and research that contributes to sustainable development through good health and well-being, quality education, gender equality, reduced inequalities and global partnerships.

Research groups

Research centres and units