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Welcome to Data Science Research Unit

Data Science Research Unit (DSRU) focuses on machine learning, machine vision, cybersecurity, simulation and modelling, computational intelligence and robotics as well as the application of these fields to real-world problems.

Latest News

  • Congratulations to Dr Azizur Rahman who was successful in obtaining the Australian Government’s Department of Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities grant for an amount of $6,000. The project title is “The 2nd Applied Statistics and Policy Analysis Conference 2019” at the Charles Sturt University” [Project ID: 0000102816].
  • Congratulations to DSRU colleagues for their excellent contributions in the following Fields of Research (FoR) resulting in outstanding achievements in the latest ERA 2018 evaluation.
  • FoR Code

    FoR Description

    ERA 2018 Ranking


    Physical Sciences

    5 - Well above world standard


    Astronomical and Space Sciences

    5 - Well above world standard


    Information and Computing Sciences

    3 - At world standard


    Artificial Intelligence and Image Processing

    3 - At world standard


    Library and Information Studies

    4 - Above world standard

    Our colleagues are also contributing heavily in a number of other emerging research areas which are shaping up very well. We would like to sincerely congratulate our colleagues who are contributing in these emerging research areas including FoR Code 0803 for Computer Software (resulting in an ERA Ranking of 2), FoR Code 0806 for Information Systems (resulting in an ERA Ranking of 2) and FoR Code 0805 for Distributed Computing (resulting in an ERA Ranking of 1). Well done!

  • Congratulations to Associate Professor Manoranjan Paul and his collaborators who were successful in obtaining the ARC DP grant for an amount of $380,000. The project title is “Efficient multi-view video coding with cuboids and base anchored models” [Project ID DP190102574].
  • We organised the 16th Australasian Data Mining conference (AusDM 2018) in Bathurst from 28 November to 30 November 2018. Please visit for more information.
  • Members of DSRU have successfully secured CSU's official partnership in EU COST Action CA16101 - "MULTI-modal Imaging of FOREnsic SciEnce Evidence (MULTI-FORESEE)- tools for Forensic Science". CSU's role is to host EU researchers on their Short Term Scientific Missions, contribute to international training, and supporting networking events. CSU is the only organisation of COST International Partner Countries (i.e. non-COST States). More details can be found at
  • Associate Professor Manoranjan Paul received the ICT Researcher of the Year 2017 award by the Australian Computer Society (ACS). This recognises his contribution across the wide range of research areas such as video technology, e-health, data science, computer vision, medical imaging, machine learning in terms of citations, publications, grants, impact on his organisation, industry and the wider community.
  • Our Predictive Risk Stratification Tool for reducing avoidable hospital admission for Murrumbidgee Local Health District of the NSW Health has received the Innovation Award 2017 from the Agency for Clinical Innovation (ACI).  Contact Associate Professor Zahid Islam for more information.