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Welcome to Data Science Research Unit

Data Science Research Unit (DSRU) focuses on machine learning, machine vision, cybersecurity, simulation and modelling, computational intelligence and robotics as well as the application of these fields to real-world problems.

Latest News

  • DSRU researchers are working on COVID-19 related research. Eleven members of DSRU have received funding from the CSU COVID-19 Research Grant. The projects are “The Corona Score: Assessment and monitor the progression of COVID-19 using artificial intelligence with multi-modal data” (led by Prof. Manoranjan Paul), “Designing privacy preserving and secure contact tracing mobile apps to combat COVID-19” (led by Dr Ashad Kabir), “Modelling firewall strategies for controlling COVID-19 outbreak in New South Wales, Australia” (led by A/Prof. Azizur Rahman) and “Developing an intervention model to assess effectiveness of policy measures on COVID-19 outbreak in Australia” (led by Dr Ryan Ip). Congratulations to all teams.
  • Congratulations to members of DSRU Professor Manoranjan Paul and Associate Professor Yeslam Al-Saggaf who were successful in obtaining an external funding from Centre of Work and Safety, NSW Government for an amount of $107,998.  The project title is “Investigating the psychological barriers to accepting advice from ‘thinking’ machines in the workplace”. [CI: Dr Ben Morrison, Charles Sturt.]
  • We would like to give our heartfelt congratulations to the DSRU colleagues who have been promoted in 2019. This is a well-deserved recognition of their huge contribution and achievements.  Congratulations to Dr Jason Howarth, Dr Ashad Kabir,  Professor Manoranjan Paul, Associate Professor Azizur Rahman, Dr Sabih Rehman, Associate Professor Lihong Zheng, and Professor Tanveer Zia. We are proud of you.
  • Congratulations to members of DSRU Dr Sabih Rehman and Associate Professor Zahid Islam who were successful in obtaining an external funding from Food Agility CRC Australia and industry partners SunRice, Rice Research Australia Pty Ltd and Agrifutures Australia for an amount of $608,000.  The project title is “Enhancing Provenance and Prediction for Whole Grain Rice Quality”. [CIs: Daniel Waters, Zahid Islam, Chris Blanchard, Sabih Rehman and Leigh Schmidtke; CSU Research Office Project Reference number: 0000102660.]
  • Congratulations to member of DSRU Associate Professor Azizur Rahman who was successful in obtaining a travel grant for an amount of A$5,000 to visit researchers at the University of Malaya and University Sains Malaysia, and to attend a workshop organised by the Department Education’s Counsellor in Malaysia to promote research collaboration between researchers in regional Australia and Southeast Asia.