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April 2021
26 April

Congratulations to Professor Zahid Islam, Dr Michael Bewong and Dr Ryan Ip for receiving an external fund with an amount of $31,245 from VetCompass Australia.  The project title is "VetCompass Data Investigation".

February 2021
25 February

Congratulations to Associate Professor Lihong Zheng for receiving an external fund with an amount of $589,525 from Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment. The project title is “Weed mangers guide to remote detection. Understanding opportunities and limitations of multi-resolution and multi-modal technologies for remote detection of weeds in heterogeneous landscapes.

December 2020
15 December

Congratulations to the following 2020 DSRU Summer Scholarship recipients who each receive an amount of $2,800 for conducting a research project.  Many thanks to all three members of the assessment committee: Professor Tanveer Zia, Professor Rafiqul Islam and Professor Lihong Zheng.

NameSupervisorsProject Title
Sarah CondranMichael Bewong, Zahid Islam and Lancelot MaphosaIntelligent Agronomy: towards effective and explainable machine learning models
Danny FaleroAshad Kabir, Lihong Zheng and Michael BewongMachine learning for detecting COVID-19 severity from chest x-ray
Jannatul FerdousRafiqul Islam, Zahid Islam and Maumita BhattacharyaAnalysis of malware data using ML algorithms
Abraham OhZahid Islam, Rafiqul Islam and Ryan IpApplication of data mining on financial market prediction
Dylan WarmanAshad Kabir, Michael Bewong and Quazi MamunTowards developing a tool for automatically detecting fake news
July 2020
31 July

Congratulations to Associate Professor Zahid Islam who has received an external fund for an amount of $30,030 (including GST) from the Department of Agriculture, Water and Environment and Data61, CSIRO. The project title is “Database Schema Matching”. [CSU Research Office Project Reference Number: 0000103179]

June 2020
23 June

Along with Associate Professor Philip Birch, Associate Professor Zahid Islam is a co-recipient of funding from NSW Police for an amount of $15,000.  The project title is "Crime and Disorder Audit, Wagga Wagga".  [CIs: Philip Birch and Zahid Islam.  CSU Research Office Project Reference number: 0000103092.]

May 2020
12 May

DSRU researchers are working on COVID-19 related research. Eleven members of DSRU have received funding from the CSU COVID-19 Research Grant. The projects are:
“The Corona Score: Assessment and monitor the progression of COVID-19 using artificial intelligence with multi-modal data” (led by Prof. Manoranjan Paul),
“Designing privacy preserving and secure contact tracing mobile apps to combat COVID-19” (led by Dr Ashad Kabir),
“Modelling firewall strategies for controlling COVID-19 outbreak in New South Wales, Australia” (led by A/Prof. Azizur Rahman) and
“Developing an intervention model to assess effectiveness of policy measures on COVID-19 outbreak in Australia” (led by Dr Ryan Ip).
Congratulations to all teams.

April 2020
21 April

Congratulations to members of DSRU Professor Manoranjan Paul and Associate Professor Yeslam Al-Saggaf who were successful in obtaining an external funding from Centre of Work and Safety, NSW Government for an amount of $107,998.  The project title is “Investigating the psychological barriers to accepting advice from ‘thinking’ machines in the workplace”. [CI: Dr Ben Morrison, Charles Sturt.]

September 2019
16 September

Congratulations to Associate Professor Manoranjan Paul and his collaborators who have been awarded Soil CRC PhD scholarships! Projects (lead supervisor, co-supervisors)) include:

  • Developing a hyperspectral imagery based decision support system for soil assessment using vegetation pattern (Manoranjan Paul - Charles Sturt University, Leigh Schmidtke - Charles Sturt University, Manzur Murshed - Federation University)
  • Drone-based multimodal imaging for effective soil health assessment, monitoring, and decision support systems (Shyh Wei Teng - Federation University, Manzur Murshed - Federation University, Manoranjan Paul - Charles Sturt University, Ferdous Sohel - Murdoch University)
16 September

The organising committee sincerely thank all participants, committee members, reviewers and helpers who contributed to The 2nd Applied Statistics and Policy Analysis Conference 2019. We hope all of you have enjoyed your time at the conference. Some photos will be uploaded to the conference website later. Please send your feedback to

16 September

Congratulations to Associate Professor Daniel Waters, Professor Chris Blanchard and Associate Professor Zahid Islam who were successful in obtaining an external funding from Food Agility CRC Australia for an amount of $135,000. The project title is “Image Analysis for Whole Grain Rice Quality”.

July 2019
15 July

Congratulations to Dr Azizur Rahman who was successful in obtaining the Australian Research Council (ARC)-Centre of Excellence for Mathematical and Statistical Frontiers (ACEMS) grant for an amount of $3,000. The project title is “Applied Statistics and Policy Analysis Conference 2019 at the Charles Sturt University” [Project ID: 0000102864].

May 2019
16 May

Congratulations to Dr Azizur Rahman who was successful in obtaining the Australian Government’s Department of Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities grant for an amount of $6,000. The project title is “The 2nd Applied Statistics and Policy Analysis Conference 2019” at the Charles Sturt University” [Project ID: 0000102816].

March 2019
29 March
Congratulations to DSRU colleagues for their excellent contributions in the following Fields of Research (FoR) resulting in outstanding achievements in the latest ERA 2018 evaluation.
FoR Code FoR Description ERA 2018 Ranking
02 Physical Sciences 5 - Well above world standard
0201 Astronomical and Space Sciences 5 - Well above world standard
08 Information and Computing Sciences 3 - At world standard
0801 Artificial Intelligence and Image Processing 3 - At world standard
0807 Library and Information Studies 4 - Above world standard
Our colleagues are also contributing heavily in a number of other emerging research areas which are shaping up very well. We would like to sincerely congratulate our colleagues who are contributing in these emerging research areas including FoR Code 0803 for Computer Software (resulting in an ERA Ranking of 2), FoR Code 0806 for Information Systems (resulting in an ERA Ranking of 2) and FoR Code 0805 for Distributed Computing (resulting in an ERA Ranking of 1). Well done!.
February 2019
22 February

Congratulations to Associate Professor Manoranjan Paul and his collaborators who were successful in obtaining the ARC DP grant for an amount of $380,000. The project title is “Efficient multi-view video coding with cuboids and base anchored models” [Project ID DP190102574].

August 2018
13 August

Dr M. Arif Khan of the DSRU and his international co-authors was honoured with the Best Paper Award at the IEEE MTT-S International Conference on Numerical Electromagnetic and Multiphysics Modeling and Optimization in August 2018 held in Reykjavik, Iceland. The paper, selected among 91 competition papers, is entitled “Systematic Study of Feed Line and Ground Plane Modifications for Design of Miniaturized Wideband Antennas”.

November 2017
02 November

Associate Professor Manoranjan Paul received the ICT Researcher of the Year 2017 award by the Australian Computer Society (ACS). This recognises his contribution across the wide range of research areas such as video technology, e-health, data science, computer vision, medical imaging, machine learning in terms of citations, publications, grants, impact on his organisation, industry and the wider community.

October 2017
27 October

DSRU welcomes Miss Jing Wang, who is visiting from Bournemouth University, UK as EU Marie Curie Fellow.  Jing will be working on the application of machine learning in multimedia and recommending systems as part of the EU Horizon 2020 project -  High Dimensional Heterogeneous Data based Animation Techniques for Southeast Asian Intangible Cultural Heritage Digital Content (AniAge), of which CSU is an international partner.

September 2017
21 September

Members of DSRU have successfully secured CSU's official partnership in EU COST Action CA16101 - "MULTI-modal Imaging of FOREnsic SciEnce Evidence (MULTI-FORESEE)- tools for Forensic Science". CSU's role is to host EU researchers on their Short Term Scientific Missions, contribute to international training, and supporting networking events. CSU is the only organisation of COST International Partner Countries (i.e. non-COST States). More details can be found at

20 September

We are planning to host the 16th Australasian Data Mining conference (AusDM) in December 2018.

Contact: A/Prof Z. Islam - CSU Bathurst

15 September

Our Predictive Risk Stratification Tool for reducing avoidable hospital readmission for MLHD, NSW Health has received the Agency for Clinical Innovation (ACI) Innovation Award 2017.

Contact: A/Prof Z. Islam - CSU Bathurst

May 2017
11 May

Cybersecurity Workshop  2017

The Cybersecurity workshop will be held at the Young Service Club, Young on 11 May 2017. We invite researchers and industry experts in the field of cybersecurity to attend the workshop. 

Contact: Dr R. Islam - CSU Albury
March 2017
29 March

The CenWest Innovate community was launched by Professor Vann at CSU in Bathurst on Wednesday 29 March.
See news article at:

February 2017
01 February

GPU clusters

Two GPU clusters ordered with funding from CM3 have arrived at CSU - Bathurst. The clusters will be used for deep learning applications: one will be available to students and the other for research applications.
January 2017
12 January

Remote Health using Technology Workshop - RHT 2017

The Remote Health using Technology - RHT 2017 - workshop will be held at the Young Service Club, Young on 9 February, 2017. We invite researchers and industry experts in the field of e-health to attend the workshop. 
RHT 2017 poster (pdf)

Contact: A/Prof M. Paul - CSU Bathurst
September 2016
26 September
The Honours Seminar for the Data Mining group will take place on 26 September 2016 at 11am in Room 301 of Building 1292 in Bathurst and can be viewed by video conferencing.

* 11:00: Danny Philippe-Jankovic: Cache Timing Attacks in a Virtualisation Environment (Supervisor: A/Prof. T. Zia)
* 11:15:  Andrew Burns: Framework for Enhancing the Flow Experience in Games using Facial Expressions (Supervisors: Dr J. Tulip, Prof. T. Bossomaier).
* 11:30: Darren Yates: Health Data Mining: Predicting changes in mental health with machine learning (Supervisor: Dr Z. Islam).
* 11:45: Kathleen Downer: IT Security: Securing the BYOD Environment (Supervisor: Ms M. Bhattacharya).

Contact: A/Prof Z. Islam - CSU Bathurst
01 September

CM3 and National Wine and Grape Industry Centre at CSU on ABC Rural: Wine industry soon to have smartphone app advising on irrigation and harvesting.

August 2016
09 August

CM3 in the CSU news: Optimising grape harvest for wine style.

July 2016
24-28 July

A poster entitled "Smartphone imaging tool to assess grapevine berry and bunch characteristics" by B. Pailthorpe, E. Kraeva-Deloire, N. Bordes, K. Suklje, L. Schmidtke and A. Deloire was presented at the Australian Wine Industry Technical Conference and Trade Exhibition.

April 2016
08 April

Dr Kenneth Li-minn Ang, from the CSU School of Computing and Mathematics in Wagga Wagga has joined the phone-based imaging tool project. funded by AGWA.

January 2016
29 January

Best wishes to Prof. Junbin Gao for his new appointment at the University of Sydney Business School.

14 January

Dr Feng Lu Ge has joined CM3 to work on the phone-based imaging tool project. funded by AGWA.

November 2015
25 November

The paper presented by P. Podder, M. Paul, T. Debnath, and M. Murshed, (2015), " An Analysis of Human Engagement Behaviour Using Descriptors from Human Feedback, Eye Tracking, and Saliency Modelling," at the Digital Image Computing: Techniques and Applications (DICTA-2015) conference received an award for adding a new research dimension in the conference.

23 November

The grant submitted by Profs A. Deloire, B. Pailthorpe, J. Gao, Drs K. Suklje, L. Schmidtke and N. Bordes to Wine Australia was successful. Further details will be provided soon.

12 November

Dr Z. Islam received funding from the Murrumbidgee Local Health District.

3-4 November
VICPU-2015 Workshop

The Video/Image Coding, Processing, and Understanding - VICPU-2015 workshop is being held at CSU, Bathurst campus.

The program is available here.

October 2015
2 October
VICPU-2015 Workshop

The Video/Image Coding, Processing, and Understanding - VICPU-2015 - workshop will be held at CSU, Bathurst campus on 3-4 November, 2015.

We invite students to present a poster at VICPU-2015. 
Poster submission deadline: 9 October 2015

Download the registration form here.

August 2015
31 August
Grant Development Workshop

Professor Pailthorpe participated to the grant development workshop held at CSU - Wagga Eagga.

20 August
Customers centre stage at seminar: Western Advocate Story on Council talk to Regional Businesspeople

Professor Steven D'Alessandro from CSU gave a presentation as part of a series of seminars organised by the Bathurst Regional Council. The topic "how to get more customers" attracted 70 local business owners.

Read the story in the Western Advocate

11 August
2015 Faculty and Division Awards

Congratulations to CM3 researchers:

  • Prof. Junbin Gao
  • A/Prof. Yeslam Al-Saggaf
  • Dr Rafiqul Islam
  • Dr Manoranjan Paul
July 2015

Successful Research Infrastructure Block Grant

Congratulations to the team of Dr Manoranjan Paul, Professor Junbin Gao, Dr Michael Antolovich and Professor Terry Bossomaier who were successful in obtaining funding through the 2015 RIBG funding round. The funding will be used to purchase a hyperspectral camera which is suitable for capturing the different wavelength information of various objects. The camera will be located in the Computer Vision Lab, on the Bathurst Campus, which is currently used by six academics and their research students for imaging, mining and robotics research.

June 2015
10-11 June

Cyber Security Symposium - International Hotel, Wagga Wagga

The School of Computing and Mathematics will hold a two-day Cyber Security Symposium on 10 – 11 June 2015 at the International Hotel, Wagga Wagga. The program will consist  of three technical sessions, two keynote sessions and one industry session. A range of both internal and external speakers from both academic and industry backgrounds have already confirmed their attendance at the symposium.
Professor Jemel Abawajy of Deakin University has been confirmed as one of the key note speakers. Additionally, Dr Steve Versteeg, Vice president of CA Labs (the research arm of the CA Technologies, based in Melbourne), will give a talk about 'The Risk Adaptive Security Perimeter'.
For more information about the symposium please contact Dr Rafiqul Islam via

3rd Cyber Security Symposium website

April 2015
19-25 April

40th International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP), Brisbane

Dr Manoranjan Paul presented a paper on 'Efficient Coding Strategy for HEVC Performance Improvement by Exploiting Motion Features' and chaired a session on 3D Processing. He also attended an Editorial Board Meeting for Eurasip Journal on Advances in Signal Processing, for which he is an Associate Editor.