Mental Health and Community Wellbeing

Research Area Leader

Andrew McGrath

Associate Professor Andrew McGrath

Co-Research Area Leader

Dr Rachael Fox

Dr Rachael Fox

This research group investigates mental health and community well-being in rural and regional areas. Current research conducted by this group has a broad focus on services that can promote the functioning and mental health of people in their communities. Specific research project are evaluating team care for people suffering from severe mental illness in rural areas, the interrelation between physical and mental health, effective response to natural disasters in rural areas available, as well as a number of projects that look at conceptualisation and measurement of various psychological conditions and their treatment. A further area of research conducted by this group is the focus on mental health and community wellbeing of children and students in rural areas.  This includes ethical practice at all levels of education, including effective pastoral care.

A specific strength of the research conducted by this group is the focus on the psychological health and wellbeing of rural communities. By rural communities we mean inner and outer regional areas, and inner and outer remote areas of Australia, including regional centres, small towns, villages, and farming areas. People living in regional and remote areas face increasing challenges, including drought and climate change, and Charles Sturt, as a large regional University, is ideally situated to investigate and respond to these developing and serious challenges.

Funding for this research has been provided by the Australian Research Council, Criminology Research Council, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada and Murrumbidgee Primary Health Network.

Research on mental health and wellbeing issues in a work context is covered by the Workforce Wellness Research Unit.

Philip Birch A/Prof Philip Birch Centre for Law & Justice Port Macquarie
Dr. Rylee Dionigi Prof Rylee Dionigi School of Allied Health, Exercise and Sports Science Port Macquarie
Dr Keith Harris Dr Keith Harris School of Psychology Port Macquarie
Andrew McGrath A/Prof Andrew McGrath School of Psychology Bathurst
  Dr Ruth Delaforce Centre for Law & Justice Bathurst
Dr Mir Rabiul Islam Dr Mir Rabiul Islam School of Psychology Bathurst
Dr Rachael Fox Dr Rachael Fox School of Psychology Wagga
Gene Hodgins A/Prof Gene Hodgins School of Psychology Wagga
Sarah Hyde Dr Sarah Hyde School of Rural Medicine Orange
Caroline Robertson 2018 profile photo Caroline Roberston,
Research Fellow
Three Rivers Orange
Ms Rachael Buchanan Dr Rachael Jefferson-Buchanan School of Education Albury
Herbert Jelinek A/Prof Herbert Jelinek School of Allied Health, Exercise and Sports Sciences Albury
Dr Amber McKinley A/Prof Amber McKinley Australian Graduate School of Policing & Security Canberra
Dr Holly Randell-Moon Dr Holly Randell-Moon School of Indigenous Australian Studies Dubbo

Current Projects

Project Name Brief Description Funding BodyInvestigators
Workforce Wellbeing in Family and Community Services 2018-2019   Family and Community Services Prof Russell Roberts, A/Prof Larissa Bamberry, Dr Arnela Ceric,  A/Prof Gene Hodgins, Dr Tamara Cumming, A/Prof Rachel Rossiter

Past Projects

Project Name Brief Description Funding BodyInvestigators
Assets for older adults: Creation of an inventory to measure psychosocial outcomes of sport participation 2013-2015 This study applies conceptual frameworks from developmental psychology (that are being used to understand youths’ positive development through sport) to the context of sport as an avenue for positive psychosocial development in older people. Insight Development Grant, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (Cat. 3A) Prof Rylee Dionigi
NewAccess Program Evaluation. 2017-2018 Mixed methods project to evaluate a light CBT programme running through headspace which is being run for the first time with 12-17 year olds. Murrumbidgee Primary Health Network. (MPHN) Prof Oliver Burmeister, Prof Russell Roberts, Dr Rachael Fox and Dr Brona Nic Giolla Easpaig
Team care for people experiencing severe mental illness – Program Evaluation 2017-2018   Murrumbidgee Primary Health Network (MPHN) Prof Russell Roberts, A/Prof Rachel Rossiter, Prof Oliver Burmeister,  A/Prof Gene Hodgins
Student Topic/Area Research Supervisor
Miss Catherine Strods Studies in Human Society Dr Mir Islam
Miss Leighann Spencer Criminology Dr Ruth Delaforce
Miss Louise Sicard Examining the role of music therapy as a component for treatment: What works for high risk offenders with complex needs. Dr Philip Birch
Miss Sheree Moore Educational Psychology Dr Rachael Fox
Miss Yin Hourigan Australian Children, Adolescents and Parents' Understanding of Mental Illness and Psychological Interventions Dr Andrew McGrath
Mr Andrew Williams Causes and Prevention of Crime Dr Mir Islam Dr Philip Birch
Mr Bradley Wright Police Administration, Procedures and Practice Dr Amber McKinley
Mr Brett Biles An Exploration of a Tailored Cardiovascular Exercise and Education Program for Indigenous Australian Men in a Regional Centre A/Prof Herbert Jelinek
Mr Grant Brechney Effects of Weight Cutting and Weight Recovery on Exercise Performance, Neuromuscular Fatigue and Cognitive Function and the Influence of a Rehydration Treatment in Mixed Martial Arts Athletes Prof Rylee Dionigi
Mr John David Moy Policy and Administration Dr Mir Islam
Mr Michael Lollback Policy and Administration Dr Philip Birch
Mr Mitchell Kunnen Psychological readiness to return to sport after ACL reconstruction in elite and sub-elite rugby league and Australian rules football players Prof Rylee Dionigi
Mr Nathan Beehag Health, Clinical and Counselling Psychology Dr Andrew McGrath
Mrs Charrissa Chew-Moriarty Police Administration, Procedures and Practice Dr Philip Birch
Mrs Christina Farrell Psychology Dr Rachael Fox
Mrs Rachael Haynes When daydreams become harmful: Emerging themes from an Australian Maladaptive Daydream Population A/Prof Gene Hodgins
Mrs Ruth Crawford Public Nutrition Intervention A/Prof Herbert Jelinek
Mrs Santhi Chigurupati Motor evoked potential (MEP) from vocal cords to minimise voice loss during Anterior cervical decompression and fusion A/Prof Herbert Jelinek
Ms Ann-Maree Fardell Hartley The use of social media to communicate suicidality by young people and the implications in rural and remote New South Wales. A/Prof Herbert Jelinek
Ms Caroline Hare Forensic Psychology Dr Andrew McGrath
Ms Genevieve d'Ament Sensory Processes, Perception and Performance Dr Rachael Fox
Ms Ineke Romeyn Examining Multiple Victimisation: Re-theorising Child Abuse Dr Philip Birch
MS Jen Schwarz Health, Clinical and Counselling Psychology A/Prof Gene Hodgins
Ms Katrina Andrews Social and Community Psychology A/Prof Gene Hodgins Dr Rachael Fox
Ms Michelle Grigg Rehabilitation and Therapy (excl. Physiotherapy) Prof Rylee Dionigi
Ms Tammy Orreal Moral dumbfounding: Does intuition find no reason? Dr Andrew McGrath
Ms Yvette Eriksen Ecological evaluation, acceptability and effectiveness of the standard Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR) protocol for posttraumatic symptoms with an Aboriginal Australian community: A collaborative mixed methods enquiry. A/Prof Gene Hodgins Dr Rachael Fox


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