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VICPU-2015, the Video/Image Coding, Processing, and Understanding workshop will be held on November 3 and 4 2015 at Charles Sturt University - Bathurst Campus (Dobbin Bldg 1294 - Room 102).

This workshop is targeting researchers, engineers, consultants, technical managers and local industries interested in fields such as digital signal and image processing, pattern recognition, video and image compression and analysis, computer vision, biometrics, robotics and remote sensing.


2 November 2015

Informal dinner for visitors. Time and location TBA.

Day 1: 3 November 2015

08:30   Registration/ Students' Posters/Tea-Coffee  
08:45   Opening Program - A/Prof Irfan Altas, Head of School, School of Computing and Mathematics    
09:00   Session Chair: Dr Manoranjan Paul   
09:00  A/Prof. Oliver Burmeister, Acting Sub-Dean Research, Charles Sturt University 
Research in the Faculty of Business at CSU & Regional Development
09:15  Prof. Bernard Pailthorpe, CM3 
CM3 - Machine Learning, Machine Vision and Computational Machines
Talk (pdf)
09:30  Prof. Junbin Gao, Charles Sturt University
Vision Tensorial Data Analysis and Clustering
10:00  Winthrop Prof. Mohammed Bennamoun, University of Western Australia
3D Computer Vision & Robotics Developments at UWA
10:30   Tea Break  
11:00   Session Chair: Dr Zahidul Islam   
11:00  Prof. Terry Bossomaier, Charles Sturt University
Early Warning of Coffee Rust through Hyperspectral Imaging
11:30  Emeritus Prof. Manzur Murshed, Federation University
Structure and Context Adaptive Entropy Coders for Ultra-Compression Efficiency
12:00  Prof. Michael Blumenstein, Griffith University
Solving the World's Problems through Computational Intelligence - Challenges at the Frontiers of Pattern Recognition Research
12:30   Lunch and Poster Session  
14:00   Session Chair: Prof. Terry Bossomaier  
14:00   Prof Fatih Porikli, Australian National University
Computer Vision: Perspectives from Academic and Industrial Research Labs
14:30  A/Prof Mark Pickering, University of NSW
Real-time 3D Video Communications for Tele-Health Applications
15:00  Dr Manoranjan Paul, Charles Sturt University
Vision-Aided Video Coding and Compression
15:30   Tea Break  
16:00   Chair: Prof. Bernard Pailthorpe, CM3  
16:00  Panel discussion  
19:00   Dinner   

Day 2: 4 November 2015

08:30   Tea-Coffee
08:45   Opening Program: Prof. Bernard Pailthorpe, CM3                  
09:00   Session Chair: Prof. Junbin Gao
09:00  Dr Zahidul Islam, Charles Sturt University
Art of Data Mining and Its Application in Solving Regional Problems
09:30  Dr Greg Dresser, CareWest
CareWest and its Operations
10:00  A/Prof. Wanqing Li, University of Wollongong 
Optimizing Multiple Cameras for Effective Information Acquisition
10:30   Tea Break
11:00   Chair: Prof. Bernard Pailthorpe, CM3
11:00  Group Discussion (3 parallel groups)
12:00  Closing remarks: Dr Manoranjan Paul
12:30   Lunch

Posters - Current PhD Students

Md Nasim Adnan and Md Zahidul Islam
Attribute Space Extension for Accuracy Improvement (pdf 149 KB)
Muhammad Ali, Junbin Gao and Michael Antolovich 
Classification over Grassmann Manifold (232 KB)
A. H. Beg, and Md Zahidul Islam 
Gradual Health Improvement in Genetic Algorithm for Clustering (pdf 98 KB)
Allen Benter, Michael Antolovich and Wayne Moore 
RADAR Imaging (pdf 262 KB)
Joshua M. Brown, Terry Bossomaier, Lionel Barnett 
Flocking Behaviour and Information Flow of the Topological Vicsek Model (pdf 208 KB)
Mozammel Chowdhury and Junbin Gao 
Image Compression Using Discrete Wavelet Transform  (pdf 338 KB)
Tanmoy Debnath and Manoranjan Paul 
An Experimental Analysis of Video Eye Tracker Data in Predicting Human Engagement Behaviour  (pdf 535 KB)
Sam Fletcher and Md Zahidul Islam 
A Differentially Private Random Decision Forest using Reliable Signal-to-Noise Ratios (pdf 104 KB)
Michael Furner and Md Zahidul Islam
Multiple Imputation on Partitioned Datasets (pdf 230 KB)
Fenglu Ge, Wayne Moore and Michael Antolovich 
Learning from Demonstration using GMM, CHMM, DHMM: A Comparison (pdf 358 KB)
Md Zahidul Islam, Md Geaur Rahman and Michael Furner
Data Preprocessing: Discretization and Imputation (pdf 189 KB)
Bin Liang - Best Poster
Multi-modal Spatio-temporal Pyramid Matching for 3D Human Action Recognition (pdf 867 KB)
Mohammad Zavid Parvez and Manoranjan Paul 
Epileptic Seizure Prediction by Extracting Global and Local Features (pdf 106 KB)
Pallab Kanti Podder  - 2nd Best Poster
Efficient Video Coding Technique by Exploiting Human Visual Features (pdf 350 KB)
D. M. Motiur Rahaman and Manoranjan Paul 
Hole-filling Technique for View Synthesis by Using Gaussian Mixture Modelling (pdf 303 KB)
Khondker Jahid Reza, Md Zahidul Islam, Peter Hough, Vladimir Estivill-Castro, David F. Nettleton
Novel Techniques for Privacy Protection of SNS Users From Malicious Data Mining Attacks (pdf 1.1 MB)
Md Musfequs Salehin and Manoranjan Paul 
Fusion of Foreground Object, Spatial and Frequency Domain Motion Information for Video Summarization (pdf 156 KB)
Michael J. Siers and Md Zahidul Islam 
Cost-Sensitive Decision Forest: CSForest  (pdf 107KB)
Toufique Ahmed Soomro, Junbin Gao, Manoranjan Paul 
Non-Invasive Image Processing Techniques for Biomedical Images  (pdf 1.2 MB)
Rui Xiao and Manoranjan Paul 
Efficient Compression of Hyperspectral Images Using Optimal Compression Cube and Image Plane (pdf 1.2 MB)


For further information, please contact: 

Dr Manoranjan Paul 
School of Computing & Mathematics - CM3
Charles Sturt University, Panorama Av, Bathurst NSW 2795, Australia
Tel: +61 2 6338 4260