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Professor Fatih Porikli

Computer Vision: Perspectives from Academic and Industrial Research Labs


Computer vision is the discipline that is concerned with understanding the world through all types of visual data. It combines technologies in imaging, pattern recognition, data analytics, signal processing, geometry, and 3D, and adopts from robotics, optics, control, sensing, statistics, and math. Visual understanding has critical importance in our daily lives and involves very challenging perceptual and computational problems. To give an example, two-third of the electrical activity of the human brain is dedicated to vision. Computer vision research is highly recognized in academic societies. In all Engineering & Computer Science, its flagship conference (CVPR) ranks the 7th ahead of hundreds of journals. It is an applied research discipline with well-established benchmarks datasets and baseline solutions, and deep domain knowledge. It is innovative and disruptive as it constantly seeks for new value and services. This brings in high risk and promises high rewards. It has longer-term research agendas. In this talk, Prof Porikli will present examples of applied and use-oriented computer vision projects from his industrial and academic background to initiate discussion and inspire new horizons in this field.


Fatih Porikli is an IEEE Fellow and a Professor in the Research School of Engineering, Australian National University (ANU). He is also managing the Computer Vision Research Group at NICTA. He has received his PhD from New York University in 2002. Previously he served Distinguished Research Scientist at Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories. His research interests include computer vision, pattern recognition, manifold learning, robust and sparse optimization, online learning, grid computing, and image enhancement with commercial applications in video surveillance, car navigation, intelligent transportation, satellite, and medical systems. Prof Porikli is the recipient of the R&D 100 Scientist of the Year Award in 2006. He won 4 best paper awards at premier IEEE conferences and received 5 other professional prizes. Prof Porikli authored more than 130 publications and invented 66 patents. He is the co-editor of 3 books. He is serving as the Associate Editor of 5 journals for the past 8 years including IEEE Signal Processing Magazine, SIAM Imaging Sciences, EURASIP Journal of Image & Video Processing, Springer Journal on Machine Vision Applications, and Springer Journal on Real-time Image & Video Processing. He was the General Chair of AVSS 2010 and WACV 2014, and the Program Chair of WACV 2015 and AVSS 2012. He served at the organizing committees of several conferences including CVPR, ICCV, ECCV, ICIP, ICME, ISVC, and ICASSP. He organized more than a twenty IEEE Computer Society cosponsored workshops.

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