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Projects Supported by External Funding


VetCompass Data Investigation
Funder: VetCompass Australia
Investigators: Zahid Islam (CI), Martin Combs, Michael Bewong, Ryan Ip
Status: Ongoing
Funding Amount: A$31,425


Weed managers guide to remote detection. Understanding opportunities and limitations of multi-resolution and multi-modal technologies for remote detection of weeds in heterogeneous landscapes.
Funder: Department of Agriculture, Water and Environment
Investigators: Jane Kelly, Remy Dehaan, Lihong Zheng
Partners: New South Wales Department of Planning, Industry and Environment, Queensland
University of Technology, Local Land Services - Murray, Local Land Services - North Coast, Local Land Services - South East, Mid Coast Council, Eurobodalla Council, Bega Valley Shire Council, Illawarra District Weeds Authority, XAG
Status: Ongoing (2021 – 2023)
Funding Amount: A$589,525


Database Schema Matching
Funder: Department of Agriculture, Water and Environment and Data61, CSIRO
Investigators: Zahid Islam
Status: Ongoing (2020 – 2020)
Funding Amount: A$30,030 (including GST)


Image Analysis for Whole Grain Rice Quality, PhD Scholarship for a PhD Student under the supervision of the Cis
Funder: Food Agility CRC (FA CRC), Australia
Investigators: Daniel Waters, Chris Blanchard, and Zahid Islam
Status: Ongoing (2019 – 2022)
Funding Amount: $135,000


Crime and Disorder Audit, Wagga Wagga
Funder: NSW Police
Investigators: Philip Birch and Zahid Islam
Status: Ongoing (2020 – 2020)
Funding Amount: A$15,000


Investigating the psychological barriers to accepting advice from ‘thinking’ machines in the workplace
Funder: Centre of Work and Safety, NSW Government
Investigators: B. Morrison, N. Morrison, J. M. Innes, M. Paul and Y. Al-Saggaf
Status: Ongoing (2020 – 2021)
Funding Amount: A$107,998


Enhancing Provenance and Prediction for Whole Grain Rice Quality
Funder: Food Agility CRC Australia, SunRice, Rice Research Australia Pty Ltd, Agrifutures Australia
Investigators: Daniel Waters, Zahid Islam, Chris Blanchard, Sabih Rehman and Leigh Schmidtke
Status: Ongoing (2019 – 2021)
Funding Amount: A$608,000


Efficient multi-view video coding with cuboids and base anchored models
Funder:  Australian Research Council Discovery Program
Investigators:  David Taubman (UNSW), Manoranjan Paul (CSU), Mohammad Murshed (Federation University), Gene Cheung (NII, Japan)
Status: Ongoing (2019 – 2021)
Funding Scheme: ARC Discovery Grant
Funding Amount:  A$380,000
Project ID:  DP190102574


Data Analysis and Prediction of Fish Movement in the Murray-Darling Basin
Funder: Murray-Darling Basin Commission
Investigators: Dr Xiaodi Huang (Leader), Dr Zhenquan Li, and A/Prof. Lee Baumgartner
Status:  30/05/2018 – 01/04/2019


Multi-Model Sentiment and Causality Analysis of Learners in Learning Cloud Space with Big Data (Application ID: F070109, Approval ID: 61877020)
Funder: The National Natural Science Foundation of China
CSU Investigator: Xiaodi Huang
Collaborating institution: South China Normal University
Status: 01/01/2019 - 31/12/2022


Epic Expert Visits Program
Funder: The European initiative EPIC 
CSU investigator: Lihong Zheng
Status: 01/09/2018 - 01/06/2019


Endeavour Fellowship (Dr Irene Amerini, University of Florence, Italy) – Analysis of images and videos downloaded from social media for law enforcement applications
Funder: Australian Department of Education and Training
CSU Host: Chang-Tsun Li
Status: 01/02/2018  - 31/07/2018


Endeavour Fellowship (Dr Gerson de Souza Faria, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil) - Analysis of the security of payment devices through human-machine interaction and machine learning techniques
Funder: Australian Department of Education and Training
CSU Host: Chang-Tsun Li
Status: 01/02/2018  - 31/07/2018


EU COST Action CA16101: Multi-modal Imaging of Forensic Science Evidence - Tools for Forensic Science
Funder: European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST)
CSU Investigators: Chang-Tsun Li, Xufeng Lin
Status: 02/03/2017 - 01/03/2021


High Dimensional Heterogeneous Data based Animation Techniques for Southeast Asian Intangible Cultural Heritage Digital Content (AniAge)
Funder: EU Framework Programme Horizon 2020
CSU Investigators: Chang-Tsun Li
Status: 01/01/2016  - 31/12/2019


The Provision of a Predictive Risk Stratification Tool for the Chronic/Complex Healthcare: Engaging Stakeholders and Services (CHESS) Initiative
Funder: Murrumbidgee Local Health District (MLHD), NSW Health, Australia.
Investigators: Zahid Islam and Mark Morrison
Amount: $55,803
Status: 2016
Award: This project received an Innovation Award in 2017 from the Agency for Clinical Innovation (ACI)

Boulder Detection

Drawbell Boulder Detection (2015-2017)
J. Gao, M. Antolovich

Rock Fragment Size Detection in Drawbells (2013)
J. Gao, M. Antolovich, A. Benter


Social and community links - a driver of healthy and active ageing
Funder: Subcontracted by LiveBetter. Original funding source is the Department of Social Services, Australia.
Investigators: Oliver Burmeister, Mark Morrison, Zahid Islam, Maree Bernoth, Rylee Dionigi, and Rahena Akhter
Amount: $655,000 ($60,000 to CSU)
Partner Organisation: LiveBetter Pty Ltd, Orange, NSW
Status: 2015 – 2017


Identifying the medico-legal and ethical challenges in Synergy ecosystem data storage
Funder: Young and Well Cooperative Research Centre.
Investigators: Oliver Burmeister, Zahid Islam, Maree Bernoth and Carli Kulmar
Amount: $16,500
Status: 2014


Review of Support Worker Integration with Functional Decline
Funder: Hobart Nursing District, Australia.
Investigators: Mark Morrison, Maree Bernoth, Oliver Burmeister, and Zahid Islam
Amount: $39,400
Status: 2013


Age Care Workforce Reform - Building Communities of Practice Around the Prevention of Functional Decline in the Community
Funder: Carewest, Australia.
Investigators: Mark Morrison, Oliver Burmeister, Zahid Islam, Ramudu Bhanugopan and Maree Bernoth
Amount: $25,000
Status: 2013

Projects under CSU COVID-19 Research Grant (all expected to complete by December 2020)

Project Title Investigators Funding Amount

The Corona Score: Assessment and monitor the progression of COVID-19 using artificial intelligence with multi-modal data

Manoranjan Paul, Anwaar Ulhaq, Subrata Chakraborty (UTS), Manash Saha (Manning Hospital, NSW), Motiur Rahaman, Tanmoy Debnath


Designing privacy preserving and secure contact tracing mobile apps to combat COVID-19

Ashad Kabir, Anwaar Ulhaq, Oliver Burmeister, Lihong Zheng, Zahid Islam, Faizur Rahman (Google)


Modelling firewall strategies for controlling COVID-19 outbreak in New South Wales, Australia

Azizur Rahman, Dmitry Demskoy, Michael Bewong, Ryan Ip


Developing an intervention model to assess effectiveness of policy measures on COVID-19 outbreak in Australia

Ryan Ip, Azizur Rahman, Lihong Zheng, Dmitry Demskoy


Other Projects

Wireless Sensor Network testbed setup

» Wireless Sensor Network testbed setup (Scholarship funded in December 2016)
L. Zheng
Status: current

Data collection and visualization system 

» Data collection and visualization system (Scholarship funded in December 2016)
L. Zheng
Status: current

New Image Processing & Machine Learning Methodologies for Precision Viticulture

» New Image Processing & Machine Learning Methodologies for Precision Viticulture
L.M. Ang, K.P. Seng
Status: completed in December 2016 - Report due

Who is more likely to switch telecom provider in Australia

» Who is more likely to switch telecom provider in Australia (2016)
Z. Islam, S. D'Alessandro, M. Furner, L. Johnson, and D. Gray

» A phone-based imaging tool to measure fruit volume to optimise harvest time (2016-2017)
A. Deloire, B. Pailthorpe, J. Gao, N. Bordes, K. Suklje,
L. Schmidtke

Epilepsy Seizure Detection

» Epilepsy Seizure Detection (2012-2015)
M. Paul

» Tipping Points: Theory and Applications (2013-2015)
T. Bossomaier, L. Barnett, M. Harre, C. Johnson

Defect Detection in Collagen Based Products

» Defect Detection in Collagen Based Products (2015)
M. Paul

Consumer Switching Behaviour

» Consumer Switching Behaviour (2014-2015)
S. D'Alessandro, L. Johnson

» Video Coding and Compression (2015)
M. Paul

» Object Detection and Background Modeling (2015)
M. Paul

» Automatic Face Recognition and Clustering (2015)
J. Gao

Irrigation Water Demand Forecasting

» Irrigation Water Demand Forecasting (2011-2013)
M. A. Khan, Md. Z. Islam, M. Hafeez