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Switching Telecom Provider

Z. Islam. S. D'Alessandro, M. Furner, L. Johnson, and D. Gray


Islam and colleagues used data mining techniques to analyse the survey data collected for a mobile communication provider (see "Consumer Switching Behaviour") and understand who is more likely to switch providers. 

The survey asked consumers who had changed mobile phone service provider in the preceding year or considered doing so, a series of questions regarding phone usage, mobile plans, satisfaction levels with the service as well as demographics. A follow-through survey was conducted 12 months later and provided some insight on who had switched or not. 

Using data mining techniques developed by Dr Z. Islam on the surveys' data, some interesting trends were identified:

  • Male participants aged between 18 and 44 are likely to switch providers once they consider it (76% chance) whereas males over 45 only have a 54% chance of switching.
  • Women, whatever their age, are less likely to switch providers (38% chance).
  • Customers who have not switched providers in the past, are unlikely to switch in the future. 
  • Customers of the major telecommunication providers are less likely to switch than customers with the smaller providers.


  • Islam, M. Z., D'Alessandro, S., Furner, M., Johnson, L., Gray, D. and Carter, L, "Brand Switching Pattern Discovery by Data Mining Techniques for the Telecommunication Industry in Australia", Australasian Journal of Information Systems, October 2016.


Dr Z. Islam
School of Computing and Mathematics, Charles Sturt University
Prof. Steven D'Alessandro
School of Management and Marketing, Charles Sturt University