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The table below lists the members and their Research Outputs.

Members Research Outputs
Dr Abeer Alsadoon  
A/Prof Yeslam Al-Saggaf
A/Prof Irfan Altas
Dr Michael Antolovich
Dr Michael Bewong
Ms Maumita Bhattacharya
Professor Terry Bossomaier
Professor Oliver Burmeister
Mr Anthony Chan  
Dr Philip Charlton
Ms Kerrie Cullis  
Professor Steven D'Alessandro
Dr Mostafa Dahshan
Dr Tanmoy Debnath
Dr Dmitry Demskoy
Dr Ammar Haider  
Dr Sudath Heiyanthuduwage  
Dr Jason Howarth
A/Prof Xiaodi Huang
Dr Mohsin Iftikhar
Dr Ryan Ip
A/Prof Rafiqul Islam
Professor Zahid Islam
Dr Ashad Kabir
Dr Michael Kemp
Dr Arif Khan
Dr Rashid Khokhar
Dr Zhenquan Li
Dr Xufeng Lin  
Dr Quazi Mamun
Ms Joanne Parker
Professor Manoranjan Paul
A/Prof Azizur Rahman
Dr Sabih Rehman
Mr Colin Sharp  
Dr David Tien
Dr James Tulip
Dr Anwaar Ulhaq  
Mr Chandana Withanage
Dr Robert Wood  
A/Prof Lihong Zheng
Professor Tanveer Zia