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Charles Sturt University

DaMRG Projects

Funded Projects:

Prof. Zahid Islam and Prof. Mark MorrisonProvision of a Predictive Risk Stratification Tool for the Chronic/Complex Healthcare: Engaging Stakeholders and Services (CHESS) Initiative.
Funded by Murrumbidgee Local Health District (MLHD), NSW Health $52,677.

Prof. Oliver Burmeister (Lead CI), Prof. Mark Morrison, Prof. Zahid Islam, A/Prof. Maree Bernoth, and A/Prof. Rylee Dionigi: Social and community links - a driver of healthy and active ageing.
Department of Social Services, Australia. Partner organisation: Carewest Pty Ltd, Orange, NSW. $655,000 ($60,000 to Charles Sturt).

Prof. Oliver Burmeister, Prof. Zahid Islam, A/Prof. Maree Bernoth and Ms Carli KulmarSynergy ecosystem data storage: medico-legal and ethical challenges.
Young and Well Cooperative Research Centre, Australia $16,500.

Prof. Mark Morrison, A/Prof. Maree Bernoth, Prof. Oliver Burmeister, and Prof. Zahid Islam: Review of Support Worker Integration with Functional Decline.
Hobart District Nursing $39,400.

Prof. Mark Morrison, Prof. Oliver Burmeister, Prof. Zahid Islam, A/Prof. Ramudu Bhanugopan and A/Prof. Maree Bernoth: Age Care Workforce Reform - Building Communities of Practice Around the Prevention of Functional Decline in the Community.
Carewest, Australia. $25,000