Imaging and Sensing

Research Area Leader

Lihong Zheng

Associate Professor Lihong Zheng

Imaging and Sensing (IS) is one of the core research areas within the Data Science Research Unit (DSRU) at CSU.

The group focus is to design, model, develop or apply image processing, computer vision, computational intelligence and machine learning techniques, wireless sensor network, and the Internet of Things (IoT) towards solving real-world problems in various domains, including agriculture, viticulture, environment, and law enforcement.

The expertise of this research group spans

  • Artificial Intelligence and Image Processing
  • Information System and mathematical and statistical modelling
  • Agriculture and Environment science

We are collaborating and working closely with academics, researchers and industry partners from the CSU Graham Centre for Agricultural Innovation, Institute for Land, Water and Society (ILWS), National Wine and Grape Industry Centre (NWGIC), NSW Department of Primary Industry (DPI),
and Agriculture Victoria, and international law enforcement agencies.

The goals of the group are as follows

  1. Development of technology for Precision agriculture, winery science, land and water environmental science, law enforcement
  2. Foster a collaborative and multidisciplinary approach to research into image processing, computer vision, machine learning, data analysis, mathematics, statistics or agri-engineering
  3. Explore research funding sources to increase group productivity and collaboration
  4. Build national and international research reputation
  5. Supervising and training research higher degree students including Ph.D., DIT and Honours students.


Expert review of hydraulic models of the locks 7, 8 and 9 vertical slot on Murry River

Dr. Zhenquan Li, Expert review of hydraulic models of the locks 7, 8 and 9 vertical slot on Murry River. Murray darling basin authority, AUD$3600, 2016.

Conceptual layout of a vertical-slot fishway

Project Summary: The aim of this project is to check the reliability of the mathematical formulas used in design of fishways. There are differences between the measured and designed data. The differences have large impacts on the performance of the locks. A figure for fishway is shown below.

IoT Spartan Challenge

Dr. Lihong Zheng and Dr. Sabih Rehman, “IoT Spartan Challenge”, the Office of the NSW Chief Scientist & Engineer, NSW Department of Industry, AUD$7000, 2017.

Semantic Modelling and Stabilization of the Uncertainty of Services in Mobility Enabled Service-Oriented Computing

Changqin Huang, Xiaodi Huang, Semantic Modelling and Stabilization of the Uncertainty of Services in Mobility Enabled Service-Oriented Computing, the National Natural Science Foundation of China under Grant no.61370229, 730,000 RMB ( AUD$150k), 2014-2017


  • UK Patent GB1515615.1: “Clustering Images based on Camera Fingerprints" Inventors: Xufeng Lin and Chang-Tsun Li  (Pending, Filing date: 3rd Sep, 2015)

Current RHD students

  • Paul Kew, (PhD) (Supervisors: Zhengquan Li)
  • Trevor Smith, DIT (Supervisors: Lihong Zheng, Andrè van Zyl)
  • Gregory Miiller, (DIT) (Supervisors: Lihong Zheng, Xiaodi Huang)
  • Scott Douglas Atkinson, (DIT) (Supervisor: Xiaodi Huang)
  • Hasen Ali: Enhancing Enterprise Network Performance (DIT). (Supervisors: Xiaodi Huang, Lihong Zheng)
  • Mrs Carolina Candri Prihandinisari (DBA)
  • Mr Muhammad Jafer (PhD)
  • Mr D.M. Motiur Rahaman (PhD)
  • Mr Ian Gibson Harvison (DIT)
  • Miss Nusrat Jahan Shoumy (PhD)

Graduated RHD students

  • Hami Aksu (DIT) 2016
  • Bin Liang (PhD)  2016
  • Sabih Rehman (PhD) 2016
  • Nesa Mouzehkesh Pirborj (PhD) 2015
  • Adrian Letchford  (PhD) 2014

What we've been up to

  • Xufeng Lin, has been selected as one of the top ten receptors of “Fresh Science NSW 2017 “ held in Nov. 2017
  • Lihong Zheng & Sabih Rehman  coordinated UG/PG students in the IoT Spartans Challenge 2017 and CSU team is at 2nd place.
  • Dr. Lihong Zheng visited DNA company, Sydney in Nov. 2017
  • Dr. Lihong Zheng was invited to attend NetApp Next Generation Data Centre breakfast, Sydney in Nov. 2017